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Remember my wire chair that I spray painted pink (inspired by this Apartment Therapy home tour)? I loved it, but at a certain point I decided I needed to de-pinkify my apartment a bit, so I spray painted it black. I never blogged about it because I actually wasn’t thrilled with the result (and looking at the pic above totally makes me miss the pink version). On its own I thought the chair looked fantastic in black…but against the black vanity I felt like it just blended in and disappeared. Cue the fantasizing about a new vanity chair – the biggest caveat with a new chair for this spot being that it has to look good from the back, since 90% of the time that’s the part of the chair that you’re seeing. These are my favorite contenders:


White Panton Chair

I think this extremely modern chair would make for a perfect juxtaposition against my vintage, antique-y vanity. There’s nothing I like more than a really striking, kind of weird chair, and this is just that….making it my top contender. I’ve loved this chair from afar since pretty much forever. It’s expensive, but not prohibitively so, and it’s really a classic of modern design.

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Victoria ghost chair

I thought an armless ghost chair might look cool as a tie-in to my other ghost chair. The armless aspect is also good because my vanity is kind of low and some chair arms might not tuck under it.


Louis XVI chair – either oval or straight back

I thought this would be really nice if I had the chair upholstered in a truly fabulous fabric, like Scalamandre’s Pyne Hollyhock, Kelly Wearstler’s Channels fabric, or Albert Hadley’s Fireworks. I was originally thinking straight back, but round could work as well. I would prefer it with arms, but again, would have to double check measurements. Might be nice to have something really traditional in my decor (but with a twist of course – the cool fabric).


Frances Elkins Loop Chair

Talk about a good looking back view! I love this chair but even newer versions are extremely expensive. I prefer it with the arms as well, though there are armless versions. It is so, so gorgeous and striking.


Jonathan Adler Maxime Dining Chair

Another chair that is just allll about the back view. I could not love this chair more…absolutely glam and gorgeous – but so expensive!


Eames Molded Plastic Dowel Leg Side Chair (budget version here)

I’ve long been a fan of these chairs as well – they have that sort of minimalist, Scandinavian look. Not exactly my style, but I am a fan.


Eames Molded Plastic Dowel Leg Armchair (budget version here)


Jayson Home Gemma Dining Chair

A gold wire chair! So pretty. I am kind of over the whole wire chair thing, but this one is so pretty, like a piece of jewelry.

I love weird, modern chairs, so the Panton one is really the only one I’ve got my heart set on. When you have such a small space to decorate as I have, you really want every piece to be special and make your heart flutter. For now though, I’m not making any moves since I’m sort of trying to save money – and I discovered that with a new throw pillow on it, the black wire chair actually looks about a hundred times better than it originally did:

scalamandre pyne hollyhock -1113

Yup, I finally got some Scalamandre Pyne Hollyhock in my life. It was only a matter of time…no idea why I waited so long since chintz is basically everything to me.

scalamandre pyne hollyhock -1116

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    I’ve always loved your house tour on AT, so it is interesting to compare the pink and black versions of the wire chair. I agree, the black does get a little lost.

    I think the Louis XVI chair with Albert Hadley’s Fireworks would be divine!

    Published 1.26.16 · Reply
  2. Dorothy wrote:

    The beautiful hollyhock fabric pillow really does look gorgeous in this setting. Thanks for the roundup of amazingly gorgeous chair options! Fun to dream about.

    Published 1.26.16 · Reply
  3. Andrew wrote:

    “Depinkify”!! Love that word????

    Published 1.31.16 · Reply
  4. Absolutely gorgeous chairs. Thanks for the share!

    Published 8.27.18 · Reply