A Girly Studio

I love Apartment Therapy’s House Tours section, and every once in a while I come across one I just have to file away for inspiration. I always seem to bookmark the house tours that are studio apartments-probably because I live in a studio myself, but also because I just think it’s so interesting to see the creative space-saving solutions that people use when arranging a studio. It really brings out your creativity!

This studio is one of my all time favorites! It has just the right amount of retro without going over the top, and I love the pops of pink mixed in. I pulled a lot of inspiration from this when I was moving into my apartment.

Anytime I see an Expedit I’m pretty much immediately sold! Something about it just appeals to me so much, and I like the wicker baskets she used to line the bottom. I just love how she utilized every inch of space in a smart way, such as putting the bed on risers to create underbed storage space. Also obsessed with her pink chair and the sherpa rug-in fact, I loved the pink chair so much that I utilized a very similar one in my apartment. Still haven’t gotten a sherpa rug yet but that’s definitely on my list! The bed looks so cozy tucked in behind the bookshelf there, and I really like the unique headboard.

I love the whole look of this kitchen. It’s a little retro without looking kitschy, and I’m so into the touches of pink with the black and white. Confession: I bought that same print and framed it in my kitchen when I saw this! I couldn’t help it, it’s just so cute-it says “Let Them Eat Cake.” I mean, c’mon, how could I resist? I told you this apartment was a big inspiration for me! I love the pink spice labels and the jar with the 3 on it. Even the garbage can liner has a little touch of pink!

Ok, pretty much obsessed with these dishes. Black and white polka dotted mugs? Yes please! Also love those pastel colored tumblers, so feminine and softens the whole black and white theme.

Again, the mix of pink with the black and white just gets me! I adore that rug and I think the fabric on the chair and the pillow with the leaves are to die. Also that table is so unique and cool, it looks like a doily. I love how it feminizes the sort of stark rug and masculine couch. The painting on the wall is pretty gorgeous too.
Of course the color coded shoe collection is just icing on the cake! And a closer look at another of those pink chairs with a cool looking pillow on it.

See the full House Tour in the Apartment Therapy archives here!

All pictures via Apartment Therapy

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  1. Dorothy wrote:

    I have to say the shoe rack is the item I really want and need. Color code, very cute.
    Lots of great pretty ideas here!

    Published 12.5.11 · Reply
  2. Al wrote:

    This looks a heck of a lot like your apartment PS! Yours is even nicer. You should post pics of that.

    Published 12.5.11 · Reply
  3. alicia wrote:

    wow – loving this apt!

    Published 12.5.11 · Reply
  4. very cute! Don't think you could live with a boy with this apartment though…

    Published 12.6.11 · Reply
  5. I can see why you are obsessed. This apartment is SUPER cute!

    Published 12.6.11 · Reply
  6. Whitney, it's true-guess that's an upside of being single, you get to decorate with pink!

    Published 12.6.11 · Reply