Inspired Illustrations

Ruben Toledo’s fabulous illustrations are so distinctive and full of life. They can range from incredibly exuberant, as in Nina Garcia’s books, to dark and gothic, as displayed on some of his work for Penguin.

Confetti! from Nina Garcia’s Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion.

 Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred:

Some of his more somber work:

This creepy, atmospheric, cover perfectly captures the gothic tone of Jane Eyre.

Sources: 1, 7, 8. All others Jackie for York Avenue

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  1. Do you recommend Nina Garcia's book? Toldeo's work is fantastic.

    Published 12.9.11 · Reply
  2. M.E wrote:

    love these inspirations 🙂

    Published 12.9.11 · Reply
  3. I can't believe her illustrated Jane Eyre… that's my favorite book… i love him!

    Published 12.9.11 · Reply
  4. Alexa wrote:

    They look and feel so alive. Great illustrations!

    Published 12.9.11 · Reply
  5. I love the dark ones, but the fun ones are awesome, too.

    Published 12.9.11 · Reply
  6. Maria-I definitely recommend The One Hundred! It's one of my favorite style books-the concept is great (100 indispensable items) and the items are electic (from Chanel to Converse). Really good one.

    Published 12.9.11 · Reply
  7. meesch wrote:

    I LOVE a good illustration! I have a friend that illustrates for a living… not really like this, more on a graphics level, but her work is just so much fun to look at!


    Published 12.9.11 · Reply