My Favorite New York City Books + A Giveaway!

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Today, in partnership with Orbit books, I’m sharing my favorite New York City books (both of the novel and coffee table variety) – something I’ve been meaning to do for a while! Orbit recently published The Immortals by Jordanna Brodsky, a page-turning thriller in which NYC is prominently featured. Read on to see my favorite books featuring the Big Apple, and for a chance to win your own copy of The Immortals!

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The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.  is set in Brooklyn and gives a peek inside a guy’s mind, even though it was written by a woman – an impressive feat!

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Rosemary’s Baby – a horror classic set on the Upper West Side.

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This one I haven’t read yet, but I did read and enjoy its predecessor, Goodbye to All That. Considering that that was about people leaving NYC and this is about people staying, I think I might like this one even more (and how good are the colors on that cover? Gorgeous).

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See my review of Everybody Rise here.

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Everyone Loves New York is a whimsical and charming collection of New York City illustrations by various artists (there’s an adorable Paris version too).

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New York Sweets – I mean, obviously.

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Seeing Central Park has gorgeous pictures of all of Central Park’s beautiful landmarks along with interesting history and tidbits.

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A Little Life – this book. Heart wrenching, absorbing, memorable.

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The Goldfinch was a wonderful book, and though a lot of it is set in Las Vegas, it starts in NYC and there’s a large chunk in the middle that takes place there as well. That middle part, and its depiction of New York, really struck me.

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Taschen’s New York is a big beautiful city guide, full of the best hotels, eateries, and shops.


All The Buildings in New York *That I’ve Drawn So Far, is on my wishlist. I love New York illustrations (like my lovely Kazuya Morimoto art), and I have an especially soft spot for pictures of buildings, for some reason.

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If you liked Deborah Harkness’s A Discovery of Witches, I could see The Immortals being right up your alley. Like Harkness’s book, The Immortals is based around mythological figures who find themselves making their way through the modern world and reconciling their ancient powers with contemporary life – only instead of of starring witches and vampires, The Immortals features a compelling cast of ancient Greek Gods. I really liked learning more about the Greek Gods and ancient mythology, a subject I’ve never known much about but which always intrigued me. The Immortals is a fast-paced mystery that moves around all over the city, and of course I really liked the way the setting played into the story.

Here’s the publisher’s description of the book:

Manhattan has many secrets. Some are older than the city itself. 

The city sleeps. Selene DiSilva walks her dog along the banks of the Hudson. She is alone—just the way she likes it. She doesn’t believe in friends, and she doesn’t speak to her family. Most of them are simply too dangerous.

In the predawn calm, Selene finds the body of a young woman washed ashore, gruesomely mutilated and wreathed in laurel. Her ancient rage returns. And so does the memory of a promise she made long ago—when her name was Artemis.

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  1. Elana says: February 23, 2016

    I have two of these but want to read the rest. I love your book recommendations!

  2. Christina says: February 23, 2016

    What a fun giveaway! As a current New Yorker, I have been wanting to read Goodbye to All That for a long time, but I think Never Can Say Goodbye would be more fitting.

  3. Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine says: February 23, 2016

    The Goldfinch has been on my reading list for FAR TOO LONG! I’ve only heard amazing things!

  4. Fiona says: February 23, 2016

    I don’t have a favorite book set in NYC, because I can’t think of one at the moment! Would love to discover more about this fantastic city, thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Kirsten says: February 23, 2016

    I thought the Goldfinch really “got” New York City. 🙂

  6. Caitlin says: February 23, 2016

    I liked the Goldfinch a lot but thought it was a bit of a downer.

  7. Olga says: February 23, 2016

    Great list! I loved The Goldfinch and A Little Life. I would also add Here Is New York by E. B. White – a brief book that perfectly captures the essence of the city.

  8. Ann says: February 23, 2016

    I love New York. I was only able to visit once but fell in love 🙂

  9. Kaitlyn S says: February 23, 2016

    I loved the Discovery of Witches series – I’m sure I’ll love this too!

  10. Marie says: February 24, 2016

    I loved Radiance and the fanciful setting

  11. Stephanie Grant says: February 24, 2016

    Mortal Instruments series

  12. Beck {at} PreppyPanache says: February 24, 2016

    I always love your recommendations so can’t wait to try this one out.

  13. Lauren says: February 24, 2016

    Looking forward to your recommendations. I liked Rules of Civility and Ragtime so I’ll have to check out some new titles featuring NYC.

  14. Mimi Stevenson says: February 24, 2016

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s and One Fifth Avenue!

  15. Meredith says: February 24, 2016

    Rule of Civility is one of my all time favorite books and the fact that it is set in NYC adds so much to the entire book!

  16. Julie says: February 24, 2016

    One of my favorite reads is the The Great Gatsby

  17. Christina S says: February 24, 2016

    What a fun giveaway! All of your recommendations look great.

  18. Sydney says: February 25, 2016

    Love all your posts, and this isn’t an exception!

  19. Margaret says: February 25, 2016

    My guilty pleasure book is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif. Great book set in NYC. Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Linda says: February 26, 2016

    My favorite book is set in New York City (Upper West Side) – The Catcher in the Rye

  21. Laura says: February 26, 2016

    This is great, book giveaways are awesome. I love your blog!

  22. Jackie M. says: February 27, 2016

    Love to read and love NYC making this a win-win!

  23. kendall says: February 27, 2016

    I’m adding Never Say Goodbye to my list! I enjoyed The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer but I need to read more NYC based books

  24. Donna says: February 27, 2016

    A Room with a View set in Italy

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