How My Business Cards Helped Me Win a Tropical Vacation (Seriously!)

Guys, I’m not joking with this blog post title. My business cards actually did help me win a tropical vacation! Allow me to explain…

When I first had business cards made for the blog (a few years ago now), I turned to Minted. I always loved the cards for one big reason – how THICK they are. I got this design in the Triple Thick Paper, and that paper is honestly incredible. The cards had an incredibly luxe feel, and 90% of people that I handed one to would feel it and say in an impressed way “wow, these are nice!” – and I knew they were getting that sense from the heavy weight of the card. I also liked the pink (obvi), and the dots on the back. 

So besides being super impressive, the thickness of the cards honestly won me this trip to Martinique. I attended a blogger event where, among other activities, we all threw our business cards into a bag and two random winners were drawn – one to win a trip to Guadalupe, and one to win a trip to Martinique. The person drawing the winner pulled MY Minted card out of the bag, and I won the Martinique trip – which was amazing, and led to all of my other travels (Charleston, London and Paris, and hopefully more!). Maybe I’m nuts, but I SWEAR the person pulling the winners got my card because it felt different from all of the other cards – it has such a different weight to it that I just think it stood out and she naturally grabbed it. I’m tellin’ you, guys – the Triple Thick card stock did it!

And now you’re going to think I’m extra nuts, but I’m done with the Minted cards. The only reason I decided to move away from them is because I wanted a card with my actual font and logo on it, so it’s more consistent with my “brand.” I really didn’t like the font on the Minted cards anymore, and sadly, at this time, they don’t offer fully custom business card design. So I turned to my site designer and graphic-design extraordinaire Victoria to make me a custom card design, which I then ordered from Moo.

So, here are my Moo cards! I ordered them in the “Luxe” stock. I love the design and they’re definitely good quality, but I have to say, they are NOT as thick and stiff as the Minted cards, which is unfortunate. They may not be winning me any vacations, but, I’m totally happy with the quality and I love the design that Victoria created. So overall, I’d recommend both companies – it just depends on how custom you want the design to be. 

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