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Hi! After missing the last two weeks I’m back with a weekend reading post and I have a ton of good links saved up for this one! Fall seems to be flying by full steam ahead, and though I’m not thrilled about the shorter days, they are providing a good excuse to get into my pajamas at 5PM and curl up with my favorite candle and a good book. Cozy vibes!

Pretty psyched for this weekend. I’m going to the Comedy Cellar tonight with my boyfriend – I’d never been before I met him and was actually quite terrified of comedy shows (well more specifically it was the fear that they would call out audience members), but I’m over that now and it’s so much fun. I highly recommend it for a fun night out in the city!

On Saturday I’m doing a phone interview for an awesome publication (excited to share more about that when it comes out!), and then I’m really excited to be doing another mentorship session with my friend Kate Ignatowski. She’s the most talented photographer I know and also the nicest, most genuine and generous person..I’m so lucky to have someone like her as a mentor! I’m putting a lot more time into photography lately and am currently booking sessions so if you’re looking for photography this holiday season feel free to reach out! Ever since shooting my friend’s wedding a few months back I’ve broadened my scope, and am having the best time shooting engagements, family sessions, lifestyle imagery and more. I’d love to work with you so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have photography needs in NYC or Brooklyn (you can view my portfolio here).

Hope you all have a great weekend and here are this week’s links…so many good ones this week!

Recently Amanda Lauren from Forbes reached out after finding this blog post about my ghost chair and asked me and a few other designers/influencers to share our thoughts on furniture knockoffs and replicas. I talked about my shifting perspective on the subject and you can read the article here – if you check it out I’d love to hear your thoughts!  (I actually wrote it about myself in this blog post from last year!).

Loved this interview with Ariel Okin (basically my new favorite designer) on Tory Burch’s blog! I wrote about her wonderful Holiday House room here.

This article on getting rid of books was really interesting and kind of inspiring (but also gave me a bit of anxiety as I am a total book hoarder).

Alll the reasons why antiques are the best path to creating an individualized, stylish home (the article is about millennials buying antiques but it’s true for any age). I just wish they had told us where we could find these antiques that they’re claiming are such a steal right now!

This is old but I just rediscovered the home tour of Kate Rheinstein Brodsky (owner of KRB, a wonderful Upper East Side design store), and I just love it so much.

I’m hearing great things about the new book Little, which tells the story of a young girl growing up in early 18th century Paris who would grow up to be Madame Tussaud (read the description though, it sounds way more intriguing than my quick summary!).

Did you all see Josh Young’s home tour on My Domaine? It’s sooooo good! Elegant, full of character, and a beautiful expression of his singular aesthetic. I can’t say enough about how talented he is, both as an artist and interior designer (who happens to be super nice, by the way!).

Another great interview, this time with Tori Mellot, previously of Elle Decor and domino, and current style director with Schumacher (god, I love Schumacher). I loved her last response about paying attention to trends for her job, but not letting them influence her design choices.

Soooo much fabulous chintz inspiration (god, I also love chintz).

This ceiling fan is so chic (and I never thought I’d say that about a ceiling fan).

Pretty much on a clothes shopping embargo but how pretty is this pompom sweater?

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