Saturday on The High Line

the high line-4065

On Saturday my friend Elana and I had a super fun day catching up over brunch and lots of walking (in 90 degree heat – the sweating is real). We had brunch at Untitled at the Whitney, which was great – the strawberry basil soda was refreshing and the staff was especially nice. Then we walked The High Line from end to end – which by the way, has become a LOT longer since I was there last! Then we headed down to the West Village where we checked out the new Greenwich Letterpress and popped into Three Lives when it suddenly started pouring. Afterwards Elana headed back uptown and I ducked into Dominique Ansel Kitchen to try their last-weekend-only corn ice cream taco (yes, that’s right. A corn ice cream taco). Some pictures of our day…

the high line-4068

the high line-4074

Black-eyed Susans…aka, sunflower doppelgangers.

the high line-4075

The people who do the horticulture design on The High Line are flat-out good..there were so many gorgeous plants and flowers in bloom. All of the plantings are inspired by the species that naturally grew on the out-of-use railway line before it was converted to a public park.

the high line-4077

blue bottle coffee-4082

We stopped in to Blue Bottle, home of the best colored straws.

blue bottle coffee-4085

dominique ansel corn ice cream taco-4094

The Dominique Ansel x Alex Stupak (of Empellon, Dominique Ansel Kitchen’s neighbor) Sweet Corn Ice Cream Taco: a masa taco shell filled with homemade corn ice cream and a swirl of corn caramel in the middle, with a rim of lime zest salt, served with an avocado tomatillo salsa verde on the side (sweetened with a touch of agave nectar). Also, horchata. The best horchata which I didn’t take a picture of.

west village-4086

Perry Street is one of my favorite streets in the West Village…and home of Carrie’s apartment stoop, FYI.

by chloe baked goods-4101

I stopped in by Chloe to pick up their quinoa taco salad for dinner. They have the best chocolate chip cookies too.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

photos by me

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  1. Elana wrote:

    Yay! We had so much fun and of course your pictures are gorgeous. Should have stuck around for that ice cream 😉

    Published 7.18.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      So fun! Can’t wait for next time 🙂

      Published 7.21.16 · Reply
  2. Love Perry St and Bluebottle! Great pictures, J! 🙂

    Published 7.18.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Thanks Will!

      Published 7.21.16 · Reply