New York in Bloom

I’m so, so excited to be sharing some advance images from Georgianna Lane‘s forthcoming book, New York in Bloom. Guys, I’ve been looking forward to this book for a year and it has surpassed all of my expectations. You may remember last year when I blogged about Georgianna’s Paris in Bloom – this is her follow up and if you like pics of NYC (which if you follow me, I assume you do!), you’re going to want to get this book ASAP.

I first became aware of Georgianna’s incredible work when I found her book Paris in Bloom, and it was then that I fell in love with her beautiful photography. She has such a singular vision – when you see a photo you know right away that it’s hers. She has an amazing eye for finding the most soft, amazing light, and her pictures are just so dreamy – they give you all the warm and happy feelings. Georgianna mainly focuses on Paris and florals (she’s actually written and photographed a bunch of other floral books aside from Paris in Bloom, such as Peonies and Dahlias), but when I found out she was continuing her city In Bloom series with NYC, I pretty much jumped for joy. It is amazing to see this city that I love through Georgianna’s unique lens!

Can you even? These images are breathtaking. They’re even all the more impressive when you hear about what Georgianna was up against last spring when it came to getting them within the deadline! Georgianna was on a super tight schedule to get the book done, but of course it all depended on when everything bloomed. She came to New York in March, and wouldn’t you know it – she was greeted with a massive snowstorm! (much like our current weather, in fact). Nothing even remotely blooming. She basically had to move here in order to photograph the book, and wound up with only about a month to get all of the locations and shots she needed!

I was actually so lucky last year to get to meet Georgianna when she came to NYC to work on the book. We went together to the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden and it was so great to spend the day with her and find that she was as kind and lovely in person as she is on the Internet!

Isn’t this shot of the roses at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden amazing? Who even knew this existed in New York? I honestly didn’t! Despite living here for so long there are clearly many places I still need to visit. The great thing about New York in Bloom is that there is a full list of all of the locations as well as a bloom schedule, so you know when to go where in order to see everything at the height of its springtime glory!

And this! Georgianna took some amazing shots in the Flower District.

New York in Bloom comes out March 12th but if you pre-order now you’ll receive the wonderful gifts you see above – a signed 8×10 of a previously unreleased print by Georgianna (perfect for framing!), and a beautiful bookplate, also signed. All you need to do is pre-order the book and then fill out this form for the publisher. There’s also going to be a styling contest on Instagram so stay tuned to Georgianna’s Instagram for that!

New York in Bloom and Paris in Bloom Georgianna Lane book cover

I simply couldn’t be more in love with this book. Georgianna captured New York City in a way I’ve not seen before, and it’s just such a delight to see the city captured so beautifully in full bloom. If you love New York City, or florals, or just beautiful things in general, this is one you’re going to want to add to your library – and I would definitely pre-order so you get that beautiful print to frame!

And guess what’s next up for Georgianna – London in Bloom. I can’t wait!

all images by Georgianna Lane 


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