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  1. Holly wrote:

    But they're so pretty!

    Published 7.19.12 · Reply
  2. I love the green!

    Published 7.19.12 · Reply
  3. Alexa wrote:

    Love love the green!

    Published 7.25.12 · Reply
  4. wow! this looks so cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

    Published 7.29.12 · Reply
  5. Miss reading in your blog! 🙁 come back!

    Published 7.31.12 · Reply
  6. awesome bags!

    Published 8.17.12 · Reply
  7. Ha ha makes me laugh bc I know the feeling all too well!
    Just saw the date on this…hope you are coming back!

    Published 8.31.12 · Reply
  8. Chloe Moon wrote:

    I'd like one of each please!! I definitely don't want to do the math on what that would cost! hehe. I love Kate Spade although I don't any of piece of it. One day tho…

    Ergo – Blog

    Published 11.15.12 · Reply