Lookalike for Less: Herringbone Blankets


One of these blankets is $358 (for full/queen), while the other is $99 (!). Can you guess which is which?  

#1 is Pottery Barn’s Herringbone Organic Blanket for $99, and #2 is Serena and Lily’s Brahms Mount Herringbone Bed Blanket, for $358. What a difference! The Serena and Lily is made of 100% cotton, and Pottery Barn is made of 100% organic cotton. I assume their must be a difference in quality to account for the price differences, but my Mom has a Pottery Barn blanket and she said it’s stayed soft and is one of the best blankets she’s ever had! So there’s that to consider.

Even though in this situation I would definitely go for the PB version, I do have a few Serena and Lily items on my wishlist:


Have you any idea how hard it is to find a good looking swing arm lamp? Mine broke recently and believe me, it’s been next to impossible to find a good replacement. This Flynn sconce is the one of the only nice ones I’ve come across during my extensive search.

My parents have this bar cart and it’s just a perfect beachy touch. Totally puts me in the mood for summer!

I’ve been looking for a lighter blanket for summer, and so far this is one of my favorite options. I’m a huge, HUGE fan of ditsy florals, and this blanket reminds me of my favorite pair of sheets. It also reminds me a bit of Rita Konig’s bedroom.

These scallop-edged sheets are just so ladylike and pretty, and I think they have a subtle, sophisticated femininity. They seem like something Charlotte from Sex and the City would have had.

These sheets are ticking stripe, which I really feel I need in my life. They’re classic and crisp, they’re kind of beachy, Nantucket-y, preppy, which is SO not my style, but a little touch of it works, I think! Especially with summer coming up.

In case you didn’t notice, Serena and Lily gets me in the mood for warm weather! I can’t wait to visit their Beach Market in the Hamptons again this year.

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  1. N wrote:

    Target has the same style Organic Herringbone Blanket for $38.99 (queen).


    Published 3.25.15 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Wow, that’s a serious steal! Thanks for pointing it out.

      Published 3.25.15 · Reply