Rita Konig’s Manhattan Apartment

Yesterday I happened upon the Greenwich Village apartment tour of interior designer Rita Konig (via isuwannee) which was featured on The Selby, and I immediately fell head over heels for this eclectic, artfully cluttered space. It’s just right up my alley: full of books, florals, mixed patterns, color, and cozy touches. I love it so much that I just had to post it here in case anyone missed it!
Books! So many books. And mason jars. And a French press. I love it all. The wall of photos adds a great personal touch.
The roaring fire and the warm color palette create such a cozy atmosphere, don’t you think? I really just want to curl up in the cooshy, comfy looking white chair with a good book. I love the gallery wall above the mantel and the fact that she mixed three-dimensional objects in among the art (although I myself am not a fan of antlers, ugh).

That wallpaper is truly beyond – I absolutely love it. Also a huge fan of the window treatment – not to mention the vine coming in the window! Feels very Anne of Green Gables.

Look at that adorable D. Porthault bedding! See how it’s hearts, but it doesn’t look juvenile? Instead of looking babyish, it looks English. Don’t ask me how or why, but it’s just true. And honestly, that floral wallpaper is absolutely to die for. I love florals and I think that is a particularly gorgeous one. The mix of the hearts and the floral? It’s everything. Just everything. The window treatment is romantic and feminine, and the lampshade adds a great pop of color.

Pretty details. I love how effortless it all is. Not overthought, not overdone. Natural, lived in, controlled clutter. I love the lucite tray!
This apartment is just exactly the kind of thing that I love. It all feels so relaxed and welcoming – I love the way she mixes and matches, and yet still a coherent design aesthetic shines through. It’s a small space but so well-decorated that instead of seeming cramped, it just feels cozy and lovely. I think what I love most about Rita’s decorating is that she doesn’t follow the rules – it feels to me that she breaks them in the best way possible.
Rita was an editor at the original domino magazine and has written several books, which I think I need to add to my collection ASAP. Check out the full tour on The Selby!

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  1. Guys, I loved this house! Very beautiful and very cozy! The amount of books also caught my attention. Unfortunately, when I moved in, the apartment had mobile embedded into every room, and I could not put a shelf. I was forced to leave most of my books in my mother's house, and turns to go.
    Also really liked the fireplace wall, filled with things hanging. I love walls filled!
    The floral wallpaper the room is gorgeous! I don´t know if I would have the courage to have in my house, but just looking at this photo, I smile. I guess I'm not very normal, haha.
    Thanks for sharing this house, I've been at The Selby see everything!

    Published 10.15.14 · Reply
  2. Debbie wrote:

    Rita Konig is a super designer. Have followed her for a few years and love her style. Thanks for posting this!

    Published 10.16.14 · Reply