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by chloe west village-3994

What better way to start off the weekend than with a cupcake? Raspberry tiramisu from by Chloe (can you tell I’m slightly obsessed :).

This week was pretty quiet…went to dinner with a couple of friends, worked, and worked on the blog in the evenings…pretty typical routine for me. I started reading Sweetbitter and I’m liking it so far. I also gave up on reading My Brilliant Friend after making a valiant attempt to get through it. I feel kind of bad because I know it’s a quality book and a lot of people love it, but I just could not get into, try as I might. Did any of you read it?

This weekend I’m heading out to my parents’ house on Long Island for Fathers Day. I’m looking forward to spending some time out there (hope the weather is nice!), plus I’ll be measuring my old bedroom for my Unit 2 design project for the interior design course I’m taking. Can’t say that measuring rooms is my favorite, but it is a necessary evil when it comes to design, and I’m learning so much from the course about drafting. Me + my slide rule = best friends right now.

Now for some fun finds and reads:

Travel photography tips: Erin from Reading My Tea Leaves always takes gorgeous photos, and I really liked her post on tips for photographing family vacations. Her ideas were unique and not things that I’ve read a million times before, and I think they’re applicable no matter who you’re traveling with.

More Manus x Machina: I said it in yesterday’s post, but after seeing the fascinating documentary The First Monday in May, I’ve gained so much admiration for Met Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton and the entire team that puts together the shows. Bolton is so intelligent and passionate about what he does. I love seeing behind-the-scenes peeks, so I really enjoyed this interview with him in Vogue (and that first Annie Leibowitz image is completely stunning).

Desserts at the ready: Recently this new company Red Velvet NYC reached out to me to introduce themselves, and it’s such a cute idea…basically like Blue Apron, but for dessert! They send you a box with the ingredients you need to make one of their decadent dessert recipes, all measured out and ready to go. You just follow the directions, bake up a storm, and voila. Chocolate pot de creme, strawberry tart with pistachios, birthday cake with sprinkles…yum.

Pretty packaging: The Mast Brothers chocolates that I tried weren’t my 100% favorites (nothing but SWM Sweets will do for me these days), but I must admit I am intrigued by their new Sea Salt collection…possibly just because the packaging is amazing. I spotted it on the the Design Love Fest Instagram- you need to look at this picture. Soooo pretty!

Made me laugh: Speaking of Instagram…this account is kind of dark, but somewhat hilarious. This one is funny because it’s so, so true (I’m totally the first girl, and every friend I had growing up was the second one…ah, awkward middle school memories).

Pretty pillowcases: Love these so much!

A gorgeous before and after: Jacquelyn Clark is such a talented designer – I loved seeing the finished reveal of a Toronto home she designed for a family of four. The wallpaper is too good.

Finally found it: A good, talc-free face powder…yay! The Honest Beauty one was really a little too sparkly for me, but this Juice Beauty one (found at Credo) is pretty much perfect. It doesn’t look heavy or cakey, and it evens out my skin and sets my makeup in  just the way I want a powder to.

A gorgeous rug: I love jute rugs for the warmth and natural element that they add to a space, and they’re just the perfect neutral base to set the stage for more colorful and/or modern pieces. I don’t find them at all boring, but if you were looking for one with a little more personality, this is such a great option. I absolutely love it.

On a more serious note: If you, like me, wish you could change the absolutely mind-bogglingly stupid gun laws (or lack thereof) in this country, well, at least sign this petition. Not sure what else we can do, but it’s something.

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  1. Katie wrote:

    I just finished “My Brilliant Friend” and struggled with it. I feel so much better that you had trouble with it too because I thought I was the only one (and I find your reading recommendations spot-on). The ending did leave me hanging, but I don’t know whether to invest more time in the subsequent books.

    Published 6.17.16 · Reply
  2. Leigh Anne wrote:

    I couldn’t get through My Brilliant Friend either! I seriously was starting to think there was something wrong with me.

    Published 6.17.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      I felt that way too! I’m sure we are not the only ones 🙂

      Published 6.17.16 · Reply
  3. Kirsten wrote:

    I pushed myself through My Brilliant Friend, enjoyed the second a little more, and quit halfway through the third.

    Published 6.17.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Seems like it’s definitely a hit or miss kind of series…some love it, some hate it. Have you read anything good lately?

      Published 6.17.16 · Reply
  4. I thought of you IMMEDIATELY when I saw that beach illio from @jooleeloren’s IG feed! You are SO that girl on the right, and I’m the total the opposite (but we shall see who has the last laugh when I look like a leather bag 20 years from now, and you’re still an ivory baby!)

    So happy to hear good things about the Juice Beauty powder! I JUST switched to their cleanser and acne serum. I’m excited to try their makeup now too!

    Lastly, I think you’re the best, and bravest for sharing your political views here Jackie. It’s something lifestyle bloggers shy away from more so than not, because things can be so divisive, and they’re too concerned with losing readership. Bravo to you! These issues are too important to not use your platform for good! xo

    Published 6.18.16 · Reply
  5. Andrew wrote:

    Please bring many cupcakes when you come home! Your picture made me want to indulge!

    Published 7.17.17 · Reply