Sweet Treat: Mast Brothers Chocolates

I’d been wanting to try Mast Brothers chocolates for a while, so when I saw on Instagram that my favorite neighborhood sweet shop (The Sweet Shop NYC) had started carrying them, I pretty much hightailed it right over. I bought the three milk chocolate bars: cow milk, sheep milk, and goat milk. I haven’t tried the goat milk chocolate yet but I loved the other two (sheep milk was my favorite). Honestly, the packaging on these is so incredibly gorgeous that it took me a few weeks to finally give in and actually eat them!

The Sweet Shop is very selective about what vendors they work with, choosing as much as possible to carry only sweets made with high-quality ingredients in small batches (rather than mass-produced junk), which I appreciate so much. Interestingly, Mast Brothers is also very selective about who they will even let carry their chocolate, so I’m really happy that these two came together! The guys at The Sweet Shop even went to the Mast Brothers factory when they were considering taking them on as a vendor so they could tour the facility and see how the chocolates are made – which by the way, I’m dying to do myself (the tours are open to the public and you can buy tickets here).

Mast Brothers is such a cool company. Their factory is in Brooklyn and the entire chocolate making process, from cocao bean to bar, is done right there with a hand-crafted approach. Each bar only has a small list of ingredients, each of which is an actual food that you can recognize (such as cocao, salt, cane sugar, vanilla beans). No preservatives, no fillers, no weird chemicals. And then I can’t even talk about how incredible the packaging is! Overall, a great company and a great sweet treat.

photos by me

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  1. Dale Angela wrote:

    YUM! I bet each chocolate has a unique taste with the different types of milk!

    Published 4.16.15 · Reply
  2. Yumm, I think I would love these chocolate bars! Sometimes when I get things with this cute of packaging it is hard to open up and take the first bite! 🙂

    Published 4.16.15 · Reply