Weekend Reading

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I feel like I’ve been running around a lot lately so I’m so happy to have a weekend with (almost) zero plans. I want to read a ton, I need to clean my apartment, and I also have a lot of blog content I want to work on! I’m going through one of those times where I feel like I have a lot of ideas I want to execute…does that happen to you guys? I’m kind of all or nothing. I’ll lose my motivation for creative endeavors for a while (mainly from being burnt out, I think), and then suddenly I’ll feel re-motivated and bubbling with ideas…and of course, not enough time in the day to do them all!

Anyway I hope you all have a great weekend – see you back here on Monday!

I found this article really interesting, and plan to read his book soon: “To reach an audience of millions, create for an audience of one.” (found via Victoria).

How to properly light a room.

These pretty pillowcases would mix in so perfectly with my current bedding…might need!

Monica’s post has me dying even more than usual to go to Brimfield (but then I’ll also need a house to fill with all of those great vintage finds).

Some great and thoughtful tips for starting an art collection.

How fun is this rainbow striped sweater?

Another fun fall activity in NYC Рa Ladur̩e afternoon tea at The Peninsula (more ideas in this post!).

All of my coats are navy and black…thinking about getting a colorful coat for this fall/winter (pink, of course!) – this one is pretty too.

I’ve been a fan of Meredith Ellis since seeing her work at the Sotheby’s Showhouse a few years ago, so I enjoyed this post about her work.

I’ve gotten some awesome new design coffee table books recently and I can’t wait to read them all (and review them here!): Dream Design Live, The Nature of Home, and The Power of Pattern.

Speaking of books, I just finished this and am listening to this on Audible – it’s funny!


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  1. Monica wrote:

    Thank you for sharing my post–you will love it, but agreed…having more space is key!

    Published 9.23.18 · Reply