The Coziest, Softest New Bedding

Last year I was lucky enough to be invited to a press preview for Rebecca Atwood’s new bedding line, and I fell in love instantly. Her collection hit upon something that I absolutely love in bedding – that rumply, soft, makes-you-want-to-sink-in-and-never-get-up feeling. Inspired in part by her time spent growing up on Cape Cod, Rebecca’s bedding designs are timeless and serene, with a simple, organic vibe that feels relaxed and inviting. The bedding is woven, sewn, and produced in a family-owned factory in Portugal that Rebecca and her team carefully selected for their commitment to craftsmanship and quality.  I’m excited to show you the pieces that I bought (basically the second pre-ordering opened!), and share a little more of what I love about the collection!

The Stripe Euro shams are this perfect, soft shade of gray and just so, so soft and cozy and inviting. Ya know how some bedding is sort of formal and perfectly starched, and it’s gorgeous but you have the sense that you wouldn’t want to jump on the bed and mess it up? This is the opposite, and yet still so pretty – best of both worlds! The shams are 100% cotton and reversible, so you can switch up the look whenever you want a quick change. The diamond-stitch quilting adds a pretty dose of texture.

Rumply bedding – my favorite! To go along with the striped Euros I got the Stripe Coverlet, and guys, I am obsessed. Like the shams, it is reversible and super soft, but best of all, it’s just the perfect weight. Not too heavy, not too light – this is going to be on my bed year-round.

To add a touch of pink because, well, I’m me :), I also ordered the Shell pillowcases. They’re a perfect peachy pink and made of 100% organic cotton. I really appreciate that Rebecca chose high-quality, natural materials for her bedding, like linen and cotton. These pillowcases mix in perfectly with the gray coverlet and shams for another dose of color and pattern.

To complement the bedding from Rebecca I also added in an Eileen Fisher linen duvet that Garnet Hill generously sent to me. You guys may remember how obsessed I am with linen bedding and my Eileen Fisher linen sheets in particular, so the duvet was a no-brainer. Similarly to the Rebecca Atwood bedding, I just love the cozy, rumply, relaxed look of linen, and this duvet is super soft – and the best thing about linen is that it’s meant to be wrinkly, so you don’t have to be precious about it. There are tons of options for linen duvets out there, but I’ve had such a good experience with the linen sheets from Garnet Hill that I knew it would be best to go with this one. The quality of linen bedding definitely varies across price points and since the linen sheets from Garnet Hill have held up so well throughout tons of washings, I’m confident that the duvet will hold up great as well!

Overall, I’m super in love with Rebecca Atwood’s bedding line – from the soothing, organic patterns, to the high-quality, soft textures, to the fact that it’s all responsibly produced in vertically-integrated factories – I think these pieces are well worth the investment-and I love that they’re designed to be mixed and matched.

Had to bring in spring somehow (especially considering yesterday’s March snowstorm!).

One other detail I want to share – this art grid that I hung using pieces from the incredibly, wonderfully talented Christina Baker. I love, love, love them! I used these frames from CB2.

Have a great weekend and thanks as always for reading!

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  1. Emma wrote:

    $129 for a Euro sham is not realistic for most people.

    Published 3.23.18 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      That’s true and while there are definitely more budget-friendly options out there, I think the quality of Rebecca’s pieces more than justifies the price. It’s 129 for a set of two shams and I’m hoping to enjoy them for years to come!

      Published 4.3.18 · Reply
      • Emma wrote:

        That’s fair. However, according to the website it is actually $129 for one sham, $258 for two shams.

        Published 4.4.18 · Reply
  2. Sofia wrote:

    Some people are unnecesary annoying in the comments arent they? She works, she earns her money, she is entitled to spend a million dollars on a duvet if that is what she wants to do. Gosh.
    I love it, Jackie! And your blog is a dream!

    Published 4.22.18 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Thanks Sofia! To each their own, I say – we all have different priorities when it comes to how we spend our money. xoxo

      Published 4.23.18 · Reply