The Arena Comes to Life

The Hunger Games trailer is finally here!!! As much as I loved the books, I actually wasn’t that excited until I saw the awesome trailer:

I’m surprised by how well the book appears to be brought to life! The first thing that pops out to me is how well they’re showing the contrast between the gaudy lifestyle of the Capitol (as glimpsed in Effie Trinket’s freaky makeup and purple getup – a very cleverly disguised Elizabeth Banks) versus the stark, post-apocalyptic world inhabited by the rest of the citizenry. Illustrating this giant difference between the two lifestyles helps to show how twisted the citizens of the Capitol are, making it believable that that they would so flippantly abuse the starving citizens of Panem. And Woody Harrelson is Haymitch? That’s awesome.

It looks like they’re really capturing the emotional heart of the story too, and without even seeing much of the romance yet! Also I LOVE the way the trailer ended just as they’re entering the arena-building up our suspense even more! This is going to be huge. Can’t wait until March! Full disclosure: I haven’t even read Mockingjay yet. I need to get on that!

Which of the three was your favorite? Do you think the movie looks good?

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  1. Al wrote:

    I may have to see this the day it comes out. Too, too good.

    Published 11.27.11 · Reply