Kelly Wearstler x Compartés Chocolate


Being the huge fan of Kelly Wearstler that I am, I fell head over heels when I spotted her package designs in collaboration with LA-based chocolatier Compartés Chocolate. Compartés is a chocolate shop that has actually been around since 1950. They craft small-batch, handmade chocolates (many with organic ingredients) in delectable flavors, and then package them up in some of the prettiest wrappings I have ever seen in my life. The Kelly Wearstler collection is amazing, but honestly, all of their other packaging is equally gorgeous – definitely check out the website to see!

It’s not just the outside that’s pretty either:


This is the inside of the Kelly Wearstler Hue bar. INSANE!


And this is the Kelly Wearstler Bijou chocolate bar, which is covered in colorful sugar crystals. Can you even believe how gorgeous that is?! I can’t.

I’m so in love with these beautiful designs that I had to order a few chocolate bars to sample for myself! Of course, it’s going to be painful to rip open the beautiful packaging on these (and I thought it was hard to tear into the Mast Brothers packaging). Somehow I’m pretty sure I’ll manage though!

photos via the Compartés website

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  1. These look almost too good to eat!! What a fun way to package and make a chocolate bar!! Yummie!!

    Published 5.1.15 · Reply