Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie recipe | York Avenue

Sweet potato pie is something of a Thanksgiving/holiday tradition in my family. Even though it’s kind of like a dessert, we serve it with the meal (and enjoy it for days after). Our recipe comes from Annie, a Southern woman who used to cook for my great-aunt – and it’s perfection as far as I’m concerned. I know some people like this sort of thing with marshmallows (my sister being one of them), but I think it’s sweet enough as is. Especially after I pile it up with whipped cream!

*Please note: this is not the recommended amount of whipped cream. I usually go for….oh, about three times that amount. Approximately 🙂

Annie’s Sweet Potato Pie
Yield: 2 pies
2 frozen pie shells
4 yams or sweet potatoes
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup white sugar
1 cup whole milk
2 eggs
1 stick of unsalted butter melted
Pre-heat oven to 325. Boil 4 yams or sweet potatoes until fork-soft. Remove from water and allow to cool for a few minutes. Peel and mash potatoes. Add all other ingredients into the bowl. Mix together (you can use a hand-mixer to get it as smooth as possible). Pour filling into pie shells. Bake at 325 for 1 hour. Serve warm or cold with lots of whipped cream!

This will keep for a few days in the fridge, and it’s actually even better the second and third day after the flavors have had time to mesh and the bottom layer of crust has softened a little.

I made a little recipe card too, in case anyone wants to print or pin the recipe:
Sweet Potato Pie | York Avenue

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  1. Alyssa wrote:

    I've actually never had a sweet potato pie…I think it's because I'm confused by what it actually is. A dessert? A meal? A snack?

    Published 12.11.13 · Reply
  2. All of the above! Breakfast, afternoon snack with tea or coffee, light lunch, late night snack, side dish at dinner…it's very versatile (or maybe I just look for any excuse to eat it 🙂

    Published 12.11.13 · Reply
  3. Bhreagh wrote:

    I usually put a pecan and brown sugar mixture on top in place of marshmallows. YUM! I'm going to use this recipe next time I made sweet potato pie. Thanks 🙂

    Published 12.11.13 · Reply
  4. Holly Kvinge wrote:

    Yum yum yum!

    Published 12.11.13 · Reply
  5. Rose wrote:

    Oh my gosh, this looks delicious! Bonus that sweet potato is super good for you, too 🙂 totally justifiable!

    Blonde in this City

    Published 12.11.13 · Reply
  6. Yum! This looks so delicious. I've never made sweet potato pie, but I think I need to pin this for later 🙂


    Published 12.12.13 · Reply
  7. Allison wrote:

    You are killling me! I want this now. Such beautiful pictures too. And that recipe card – great!!!

    Published 12.12.13 · Reply
  8. Oh my gosh, that sounds delicious! Great variation.

    Published 12.12.13 · Reply
  9. Yes, that is the best part! There's really not that much sugar in it, and sweet potatoes are a veggie so basically very little guilt!

    Published 12.12.13 · Reply
  10. Great, I hope you try it! So yummy.

    Published 12.12.13 · Reply
  11. Haha thanks!

    Published 12.12.13 · Reply