Sparkly Sweater-off

Since it’s almost Black Friday, let’s talk some shopping!

I love, LOVE this sweater from asos. First of all, sequins. Second of all, argyle. Do I really need a third of all?
However, I’m being strong and not buying it. I mean, I love and ADORE sequins, but this is like “HI I’m a giant sequin!” I mean, look at the back:
That’s a whole lot of glitter.
Instead, I went for this pretty (and decidedly more low-key) option from J. Crew:

The white sequined stripes are subtle but still have a lovely shimmer, and the rugby stripes keep it all grounded with a slightly sporty vibe. I still have a secret crush on the first sweater though-definitely keeping my eye open for subtly sequined argyle!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Second one is best for real life, so pretty!

    Published 11.23.11 · Reply
  2. I love both of these and was seriously just looking at them yesterday! That J Crew one is awesome.

    Published 11.23.11 · Reply
  3. Whitney that's so funny! I know, aren't they the best…I'm in love with both

    Published 11.24.11 · Reply
  4. Maria wrote:

    there is nothing like a little sparkle this season!

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

    Published 11.24.11 · Reply