A Central Park Stroll

I snapped these pictures last weekend while taking a walk through Central Park with Kate, the most talented photographer I know. I feel really lucky to have met her when she shot my first home tour. She was sweet and cool enough to take a walk with me and two other awesome girls and bestow some of her photography knowledge/wisdom upon us. It was so great to hear her tips, but also just very fun and motivating (my motivation has been flagging since my photography class ended, but this really helped to renew it). It reminded me of how good it feels to practice and just get out there and snap away. Now if only I could absorb some of Kate’s talent through osmosis….









Had to make a quick stop for macarons on the way home…I love having Laduree situated right between Central Park and my apartment. Pretty much a perfect day, all around!
photos by me

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  1. Hunter wrote:

    Looks like such a gorgeous stroll! Love the pictures!

    Prep on a Budget

    Published 3.21.14 · Reply
  2. So beautiful and it's just the end of Winter. Imagine what it will look like in the middle of Spring?! I better get over there.
    Your Friend, Jess

    Published 3.21.14 · Reply
  3. I love the photos of the fountain & the macarons!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 3.21.14 · Reply
  4. How beautiful! I love Central Park and snapping photos, but definitely enjoy it more when it's in bloom and all green!!

    Great pics, Jackie!


    Published 3.21.14 · Reply
  5. Alex wrote:

    Great photos! They would be perfect to frame and hang up! Have a great weekend girly!

    Published 3.21.14 · Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    I think her talent did rub off, and that you have your own talent too, I especially love shot number three. and the last shot of course πŸ˜‰

    Published 3.22.14 · Reply
  7. I am always amazed by the pictures you take. They are always so beautiful. I wish my pictures looked like these do.

    Published 3.23.14 · Reply
  8. Holly wrote:

    Gorgeous! I'm jealous of your nearby Lauduree!

    Published 3.23.14 · Reply