Rustic Apple Tart

First of all I wanted to say thank you SO MUCH to everyone who left such sweet, sweet comments on my vanity makeover post! Everyone had such nice things to say, and it made my day. Who knows, it might even inspire me to take on more DIY’s in the future! All of my readers are awesome and I appreciate all of your wonderful comments so much. Anywhoo….

I love fruit desserts, don’t you? They’re rustic, they seem semi-healthy, and they have a fresh crispness that you don’t get with heavier desserts. I think an apple tart is one of my favorites, and I found a great one in my Melissa Clark cookbook that also happens to be rather easy! It uses puff pastry, which keeps it simple and totally do-able. Basically you layer apple slices on top of the puff pastry, brush it with a delightful vanilla flavored butter-honey sauce, then continue to baste the pastries with the sauce a few times while they cook. Easy!

See the little black specks in the sauce? Those are the vanilla beans. If you’ve never used them before, I HIGHLY recommend that you try them out! You can buy vanilla beans at any grocery store-they’re definitely expensive, but the incredible flavor punch makes it a necessary indulgence. The fragrance and flavor in those little specks far surpasses that of vanilla extract.

Note the mismatched, un-uniform shapes-that’s where the “rustic” part comes in.

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  1. I wanna do this.. this looks so yummy!! Will let you know if I find the time πŸ™‚


    Published 1.6.12 · Reply
  2. Those look absolutely exquisite! Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my blog πŸ™‚ I like yours as well, I'm following you on bloglovin'… I would love it if you could do the same!

    XX Kathryn

    Published 1.6.12 · Reply
  3. Leslie wrote:

    I missed the post yesterday, because it was such a busy day. I looked back on your vanity post, and it turned out great! Congratulations!

    Published 1.6.12 · Reply
  4. bevy wrote:

    oooooh, I love any dessert with apples! yum!

    Published 1.6.12 · Reply
  5. GiGi Reed wrote:

    Thank you for sharing this. It looks YUM!! I'm going to give it a try. πŸ™‚

    Published 1.6.12 · Reply
  6. Brittanie wrote:

    This looks delish! Can't wait to give it a try!

    Published 1.6.12 · Reply
  7. Alexa wrote:

    Oh my goodness Jackie, this looks amazing…my mouth is watering!

    Published 1.6.12 · Reply
  8. that looks delicious!! have a great weekend!

    Published 1.7.12 · Reply