Redesigned Gallery Wall

gallery wall 2015-0998

Today I wanted to share with you my redesigned gallery wall – I did this a few months back to accommodate some new pieces. I’m sharing it now because it won’t be around for much longer – I got a few more new pieces that need homes, (including this!) so a redesign will be happening (again).

gallery wall-1005

gallery wall 2015-1001

By far my favorite piece that I’ve added to my gallery wall in recent months is this original work by artist Rosanne Kaloustian depicting Westbury Gardens, which is literally my favorite place in the world. I bought it on the spur of the moment during on my most recent trip there with my family – it was a bit of a whim, but I knew I wouldn’t regret it…this is a piece that I will treasure forever. Many artists come to Westbury to set up their easels in the idyllic gardens and paint or draw the beautiful, peaceful scenes in front of them, and then the gift shop displays and sells some of them. This painting was one of about fifteen that were for sale, and I picked it not only because I love the style and the colors, but because I know exactly the spot in which it was painted and just looking at it transports me there. I’ve been going to Westbury since I was a little girl so it just really has a special meaning for me. This artist is so talented – I would have loved to buy all of the work she had on display there!

gallery wall-0473

I recently wrote an article for the website Brick Underground with my six step guide to hanging a gallery wall – you can check it out here if you’d like!

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