Photo Essays: Summer at Old Westbury Gardens

Westbury 2015-8625

If you remember from last week’s post, I took a trip out to Old Westbury Gardens during one of the last weeks of the summer. It may be Fall now, but it’s nice to look back and remember this lovely, sunny day in my favorite place. Remember to check out my post from last year to see the Walled Garden and other features of the estate’s lovely grounds.

westbury gardens-8804

old westbury gardens-8716

old westbury gardens-8722

old westbury gardens-8725

The South Terrace (i.e., back porch):

westbury gardens-8737

old westbury gardens-8730

westbury gardens-8738

old westbury gardens-8736

westbury gardens-8731

This is the view from the South Terrace looking out towards the lawn, which is seriously gigantic.

The Pool:

westbury gardens-8743

westbury gardens-8745

The South Terrace:

westbury gardens-8767

The best view of all, as far as I’m concerned – from the back lawn looking towards the South Terrace. According to the Westbury website, designer George Crawley and homeowner Jay Phipps disagreed on this back terrace – Phipps thought it was overdone and should be simplified or left out of the design entirely! Insane – so glad that Crawley won that dispute.

old westbury gardens-8748

Vegetable garden:

old westbury gardens-8753

old westbury gardens-8750

old westbury gardens-8757

old westbury gardens-8751

Thatched Cottage:

old westbury gardens-8768

The Thatched Cottage was a gift to the Phipps’ daughter Peggy on her tenth birthday. It’s still completely the same inside as it was when she was a girl – full of the same toys and dolls that she played with. Basically frozen in time. My Mom read somewhere that when she was gifted this little house, young Peggy was so overcome with emotion that she simply burst into tears on the spot and ran away!

old westbury gardens-8771

westbury gardens-8715

The Latin inscription in the entry way says “Peace to those who enter…good health to all who depart.” A fitting sentiment for such a lovely and peaceful place.

photos by me

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    Amazing photos of a very special place. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. SO beautiful!

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