Pink Perfection: Suellen Gregory for House Beautiful

House Beautiful September Issue 2016

You guys already know how I feel about pink. So when I saw this absolutely stunning, incredible, all-the-adjectives home on the front cover of the House Beautiful September Issue, I first fell in love with it, then realized I just needed to share it here so I could have the chance to swoon over it a bit more. This stunning floral and pink (but still so sophisticated!) extravaganza of a home was designed by Suellen Gregory, who has immediately shot up high on my list of favorite designers. Let’s delve in and discover how this home remains upscale, modern, and chic even while being bathed in a fabulous froth of pink, pink, pink everywhere! (and florals). 

Suellen Gregory for House Beautiful's September 2016 Issue

Suellen Gregory chose the most gorgeous shade of pink, and then used coat after coat of lacquer to create incredible depth and sheen on the built-ins and the entire front entry sitting room. It’s just so unexpected and lovely, and offsets the books and accessories to stunning effect. Lacquer is something I see multiple times in every showhouse I visit – it’s something designers use often and to great effect.

Suellen Gregory designs a stunning pink sitting room for the House Beautiful September 2016 issue // York Avenue blog

I went into a frenzy trying to figure out what fabric that was on the chairs and where I could get it, before I finally calmed down a touch and realized that it said it right in the caption. Um, that fabric is amazing. I can barely form words to express how much I love it, and I’m already plotting to buy a yard to have a pillow made out of it. It’s called Fancy Flower by Chivasso, and it comes in six colorways. This pink is my favorite but I have to say the blue is absolutely gorgeous.

A dining room designed by Suellen Gregory for the House Beautiful September 2016 issue

In the dining room she chose a deeper shade of pink for the chair upholstery while keeping the rest of the room creamy white. The light fixture is a stunner and the white shelf on the wall adds amazing texture and interest.

Pyne Hollyhock curtains in an apartment designed by Suellen Gregory for the House Beautiful September 2016 issue.

Are ya kidding me? This house wasn’t perfect enough and she has to go and use Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock curtains? Seriously? This is officially my dream home.

Suellen Gregory designs a perfectly pink home for the House Beautiful September 2016 issue

How nice is that wallpaper? If there’s one thing I like more than pink florals, it’s black and white florals. So good. And the couch is CB2 – great high-low mix!

A kitchen designed by Suellen Gregory for House Beautiful // York Avenue blog

The mudroom is warm and sophisticated – a place you would actually want to spend time! The botanical print adds the perfect touch and the faucet is just beautiful.

Sigh. This is the most inspiring home that I’ve seen in a long time – Suellen Gregory is my new design idol! Who in the world would think you could use that much pink, and that many florals, and create a sophisticated space that in no way evokes Barbie, a baby nursery, or Pepto-Bismol? Suellen Gregory, I bow down to your skill with color!

all photography by Annie Schlechter for House Beautiful 

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  1. Will wrote:

    Dying. Legit DYING over the pink upholstery of the sofa. Such a great issue! Loved the refreshed graphic design, too.

    Published 8.29.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      It’s been so good lately!

      Published 8.31.16 · Reply