Photo Essays: Fall Colors in Central Park

This past Saturday I trekked uptown (well, further up I should say) to check out a new doughnut place that I read about in the Times. The doughnuts were a disappointment (my loyalty remains firmly in the Doughnut Plant camp), but the upshot was that I wound up in the upper part of Central Park and the Conservatory Garden, where most people don’t go. Score! It was quiet, peaceful, and full of beautiful fall color. Read on to see more photos!














One thing I’ve learned is the importance of going off the beaten path if you start to feel worn down by all of the crowds all over the city. Most of the time the crowds really don’t bug me, but when it comes to photography, it can get frustrating. Just once, I would love to take pictures of all the bridges and loveliness in Central Park, sans the millions of people in the shots! In order to do that I would have to get up literally at the crack of dawn, before the seriously INSANE amount of people arrive (like Carin did to get these incredible shots of the empty Park). Which I want very much to do, except mornings and me = match made in hell. But anyway, all I did on Saturday was walk about twenty (well okay, thirty) blocks north, and here’s this whole swath of Park that just had the perfect amount of other people (meaning very few, but enough that it didn’t feel at all creepy or desolate). Anyway that’s just my little tangent. And part of why I love living uptown where very few go out of their way to venture!

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  1. I loved the yellowed leaves!
    It's so nice when we go out of the commonplace, and do something different! It's a good way to exercise your eyes.

    Published 11.12.14 · Reply
  2. My father lived on e 86th St when he was living. I love the fact that you just go West and there's Central Park and Museum Mile! I plan to live in that old neighborhood when I come back to NYC.

    Published 11.12.14 · Reply
  3. Can't wait for spring in the park! I haven't gone in ages since it's been chilly but if it snows I definitely want to take a walk over there…even though I will freeze πŸ™‚

    Published 1.4.15 · Reply