An Organizing Tip for Receipts


This might be a totally obvious thing, but I wanted to share how I organize and file receipts, in case it might be helpful to others. Here’s what I do: I keep receipts in an envelope. Groundbreaking! But seriously, simplest solution there is. You don’t need to overcomplicate things when it comes to organizing!

For receipts from online purchases, I fold them in half and clip them together with a binder clip. I keep them in the same drawer next to my envelope of in-store receipts. After one year, I throw receipts out. By that point, it’s likely I’ve already used or worn the item and I’m probably not going to return it. Two exceptions: Nordstrom and Anthro you should keep, because they have unlimited return policies. I also keep receipts from huge purchases like an investment bag, TV, piece of furniture, or camera equipment.

The main thing is: all receipts are together in one place. They’re not scattered in ten different drawers, not in my purse or in my wallet. I’ve also recently added a separate envelope for receipts from things that I need to keep track of for taxes.

There ya have it! How do you guys keep track of receipts?

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