NYC Guide: Riverside Park

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Riverside Park is my favorite place to go when I feel like wandering around a big park, but I’m not in the mood for the crowds and the vastness of Central Park. Riverside Park runs from 72nd St. to 158th St., and has a unique long, “narrow” layout (I put narrow in quotes because it’s not actually narrow, like The High Line, but it has that long, railroad-esque shape as compared to Central Park). It’s big enough that you feel like you can kind of escape, but it consistently feels a lot less crowded and a lot more quiet and relaxing than Central Park. Not to mention that venturing over to the West Side gives the added bonus of bringing you past Levain and/or Momofuku Milk Bar :). Nothing like a wander through the park with a good book and a good snack! Click through for more…

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Interestingly, Riverside Park was designed by the same landscape architect who designed Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted (who also designed Prospect Park in Brooklyn).

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Riverside Park offers beautiful views over the Hudson.

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The Garden People’s Garden is a particularly charming little spot in the Park, a community garden tended to by volunteers and featured in the final scene of You’ve Got Mail.

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Gotta love that Upper West Side architecture.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! I also love Riverside and find the Garden People’s Garden so charming. I need to re-watch You’ve Got Mail soon!

    Published 6.27.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Thank you Will!

      Published 6.30.16 · Reply
  2. Maria Fernanda wrote:

    These are my favorite pictures that you’ve featured on the blog. Great job! Can’t wait to visit Reverside Park.

    Published 6.29.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      That’s so kind of you, thank you Maria!

      Published 6.30.16 · Reply