Moments From My Week

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A few highlights from the week!

  • My boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary – yay! I know I don’t talk about him on here very much…mainly because I haven’t really figured out how to? Anyway it’s kind of crazy considering I was the most single person ever for like, years before we met…but that’s another post for another day if I ever figure out how to write about that topic! We went back to the bar where we had our first date and anyway, he’s wonderful is what I’ll say for now 🙂
  • I spoke to a career coach, which was pretty interesting. I think it will help me to get to know myself a little better and just explore different options, that said, truthfully, I’m not sure what to expect! Working with a career coach is a big investment which makes it feel like a big undertaking, but again it’s a whole new experience for me and I will report back.
  • I also got in touch with someone to help me with the SEO for the blog based on a recommendation from my friend Monica. That is probably not super interesting to anyone but in terms of helping to grow the blog it’s exciting for me! I’m hoping it will make a difference since the more the blog grows, the more time I can justify spending on it and that would make me a very happy girl!
  • Here’s what else I was into this week:


Ok, so who else watched both Fyre Festival documentaries? I feel like if you watched one you couldn’t help but watch the other to compare! I didn’t know much about Fyre Festival aside from the basics we all saw when it happened, but everyone kept talking about the dueling documentaries so I figured, might as well check ’em out. They turned out to be WAY more interesting than I anticipated! Hearing about it from all of the people who were involved and just seeing how it all came together (or didn’t)…it was like a trainwreck you coulnd’t turn away from.

Little book by Edward Carey


I just started reading Little, which is a historical novel about a girl born in France in the 1760s who would grow up to be Madame Tussaud. I’m only a chapter in but so far so good!


I came across the podcast Dr. Death on Erin Gates’s Insta Story and recommended it to my true-crime-loving boyfriend. I personally had no interest (I’m pretty “meh” on true crime and definitely not big on medical dramas), but then I heard some of it while he was listening and after about fifteen minutes I was completely hooked. I went back to the beginning and finished the whole thing in like, three days. UNBELIEVABLE story! I mean truly…it is almost incomprehensible to listen to it and understand that this actually happened. It’s so gripping – I highly recommend!


I’m back on the green smoothie train! I wouldn’t even really refer to this as a “green smoothie” though – it’s more like just a yummy smoothie that happens to be green and good for you! Seriously, I don’t eat (or drink) things unless they taste good so you can trust me when I say this may be the tastiest green smoothie you’ll come across. Also it’s pretty – ya know how a lot of smoothies turn brown when you mix all of it together? Not appetizing. Anyway I posted the recipe here a while back.

Lastly: related to this way too hard.

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  1. Dale Howard wrote:

    Hi Jacqueline!
    Thank you for sharing. It’s ok about your boyfriend… .you don’t have to share every single thing about yourself just because you’re on a blog. It’s good to keep something to yourself, even if you were a movie star! Keep rocking your life!

    Published 1.25.19 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      You’re totally right, it’s not an obligation! I feel like I’m really private and hardly share anything personal and I would actually like to start sharing more personal posts here. It’s tough because my natural inclination is to be private, but at the same time I really like reading about other people’s experiences and I enjoy personal posts on the other people’s blogs – I think it really helps to read what others are going through. It makes me feel like wow, this is a real person, and they had a similar experience to me…sometimes when someone shares something hard, it makes you feel less alone in your own tough experience. And I’d also love to just WRITE more, and share more substantive posts here in addition to the fun design and NYC stuff. So I’m still thinking about it and figuring it all out!

      Published 1.25.19 · Reply
  2. Hena Tayeb wrote:

    Happy Anniversary
    I have Little sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. Nice to know you are liking it.

    Published 1.25.19 · Reply

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