Magnolia Bars

The Complete Magnolia Bakery cookbook is useful for more than just cupcakes! You may be familiar with the famous NYC cupcake shop that became a household name after Sex and the City, and I’ve found their cookbook to be full of good ideas. These Chocolate Pecan Bars are delicious and deceptively simple. They look impressive enough to give as a gift or bring to a party, but in reality they take only about an hour to whip up from start to finish (and they don’t make much of a mess, which is always a big plus!)

Looks good, yes?

It all starts out with two little ingredients, the cornerstones of this recipe:

Pecans and milk chocolate. A great combination!

Whip up and bake an easy brown sugar shortbread dough:

Drop chocolate chips on top of the hot dough (how easy is that, the hot shortbread melts the chocolate for you!) Sprinkle:
Add chopped pecans:
Let cool, cut into bars, and devour promptly!
Here’s the recipe. I live for milk chocolate so I subbed it in for the white chocolate.

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  1. wow, this looks delish! I keep meaning to buy that cookbook – maybe if I had it then I would actually learn to bake, though it's more likely that it would end up as decor like the rest of my cookbooks!

    Published 12.16.11 · Reply
  2. Wow, wow, wow, wow! What is it about the holiday season and me feeling like it is okay if I eat all of the wonderful yummy things I see? Oh well, I HAVE to add this to the list haha.

    Published 12.16.11 · Reply
  3. These look delicious! Can't wait to try!

    Published 12.16.11 · Reply
  4. Bonnie wrote:

    I want these. Like, right now. I'm starving!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    Published 12.16.11 · Reply
  5. mmm… scrumptious!!!

    Published 12.16.11 · Reply
  6. Alexandra wrote:

    Haha why did you show me this, I have to make it now! Looks so amazing, and I didn't know Magnolia put out a cookbook, will have to track it down! Thanks for sharing love 🙂

    Alexandra xo

    Published 12.16.11 · Reply
  7. YUM, this looks SO good! I haven't ever made it to Magnolia in NYC, but I need to next time I'm there!

    Published 12.17.11 · Reply
  8. Lisa Marie wrote:

    Looks totally doable! My kind of recipe!

    Published 12.17.11 · Reply
  9. This looks like such a great recipe! The boyfriend will love this!

    a dash of GLAM

    Published 12.17.11 · Reply
  10. Kassi wrote:

    Those look amazing. I've never made anything quite like that before.

    Published 12.17.11 · Reply
  11. jenny wrote:

    These look so delicious! I need to try those, like now.

    Published 12.17.11 · Reply