Like…Real Life

Saw Like Crazy last Friday with my sister in Union Square and found it to be, surprisingly, more real than romantic. Of course, being a love story, it was romantic, but it also seemed like you were peeking into the lives of two people out in the real world. The cool thing I learned before I saw the film was that it didn’t have a script. There was the plot, and basic outlines for scenes which the actors rehearsed intensely, but no actual SCRIPT. There were times I felt maybe it could have benefitted from having a script, but then some of the realism might have been lost.

Side note: how pretty is Felicity Jones?

The movie really portrayed the exhiliration of first love, and how life gets in the way. It showed that for these two people, the excitement was a crystallized moment in time, impossible to recapture or recreate. In that way it was a bit heartbreaking, but beautiful. It was a ‘slice of life’ story.
Featuring this haunting song:

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