2016 Kips Bay Decorator Show House: Part I

kips bay showhouse 2016-3400

Today I’m excited to share my favorite rooms and details from the 2016 Kips Bay Decorator Show House (which closes June 9, so hurry if you’d like to go!). The interesting thing about the house this year is that every room started out as a blank white box. This is in contrast to previous years – typically whatever house they use already has existing moldings, trim, and architectural details. In a way you can see that this would be good for the designers, because they can start with a totally blank slate, but in a way it just adds an extra layer of work for them to do – which is a big deal considering that they only have FOUR weeks from the time they get to see the room to the time that the Show House opens! Read on to see the amazing work that these designers pulled off in an incredibly short period of time…

Dining Room by Alex Papachristidis Interiors

kips bay showhouse 2016-3371-2

Ok, so to my earlier point – see the crown molding above the wallpaper? That was added by the designer. This room also had amazing painted floors which sadly I forgot to get a picture of – you can see it here.

kips bay showhouse 2016-3368

kips bay showhouse 2016-3369

This little doggie cutout made me laugh – and how chic is that doggie bed? With the little bolster pillow? Too cute.

kips bay showhouse 2016-3372

A glam ice bucket on the little tabletop bar.

Family Room by Suzanne Kasler

kips bay showhouse 2016-3378

I really liked Suzanne Kasler’s room, with its muted palette and airy furniture layout.

kips bay showhouse 2016-3382

kips bay showhouse 2016-3383

kips bay showhouse 2016-3380

That beautiful lamp is from Suzanne’s line for Visual Comfort, available for purchase here.

kips bay showhouse 2016-3379

We all know Suzanne Kasler likes her sunburst mirrors, since she has a line of them at Ballard. I’m guessing these are antiques? I love the unique way she placed them.

kips bay showhouse 2016-3375

She even put a starburst on a pile of books! Now that’s a usage I haven’t seen before.

Hallway with de Gournay wallpaper by Kati Curtis Design:

kips bay showhouse 2016-3386

kips bay showhouse 2016-3404

Living Room by Victoria Hagan

kips bay showhouse 2016-3392

Victoria Hagan’s room isn’t my usual style, but I loved it. It just felt striking, bold, and sophisticated – it’s an airy and fresh take on red, white and blue.

kips bay showhouse 2016-3399

kips bay showhouse 2016-3388

kips bay showhouse 2016-3396

kips bay showhouse 2016-3397

Love those sculptural chairs.

kips bay showhouse 2016-3391

Master Bedroom by Timothy Whealon Interiors

kips bay showhouse 2016-3424-2

This room was one of my favorites – a masterful use of color, pattern, and shapes.

kips bay showhouse 2016-3436

kips bay showhouse 2016-3415

kips bay showhouse 2016-3416

kips bay showhouse 2016-3414

kips bay showhouse 2016-3428

kips bay showhouse 2016-3427

kips bay showhouse 2016-3432

The fabric and buttons on this armchair even played into the color scheme! Love those little details.

kips bay showhouse 2016-3433

Designers always have their “calling card” in their room, but the very best is when the card is a rendering or illustration of the room from the Show House. This is an excellent example!

Love this piece of artwork in a stairway, reminds me of vintage Kate Spade ads:


Back with the rest of my favorites tomorrow!

2016 Kips Bay Decorator Show House

The Carlton Townhouse at 19 East 61st Street

Open through June 9, 2016

all photos by me

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