Homemade Heart-Shaped Graham Crackers

The other day I found myself with a jar full of Nutella and nothing to put it on. That was unfortunate, and I decided to rectify the situation by making homemade graham crackers using this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. It’s pretty amazing, because they really come out tasting exactly like graham crackers, but by using the most run-of-the-mill ingredients. I Googled around and found some recipes that called for graham flour (and I’d like to try a version of that, for comparison), but this one used every regular thing that goes into other baked goods – and somehow the exact combination and proportions resulted in the “graham” flavor!  

Word of advice: beware, because it’s easy to overcook these. Take them out when they LOOK done, even if they still seem soft. These are not cookies, they are crackers – so they’re crisp and crunchy like crackers. But after you take them out of the oven they continue to cook…a fact I didn’t quite trust, which resulted in some of mine coming out, shall we say, a little too crisp. They’re still good, but I preferred the ones that had a slightly chewier, softer texture. Also, this is a really, really sticky dough, so be sure to flour your board and your rolling pin liberally. And with all that flouring, expect a mess! But a delicious mess – even the raw dough tastes amazing. And since there aren’t any raw eggs in it, you can safely sneak a few tastes without guilt 🙂
photos by me

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  1. Mmm looks so so good! I'll have to file this away so I stop just eating Nutella with a spoon! The hearts came out perfectly..brava! And as per usual, killin' it with the photography 🙂

    Published 2.5.14 · Reply
  2. These look totally doable! Yum.

    Published 2.5.14 · Reply
  3. Alyssa wrote:

    These are adorable…and totally delicious looking!

    Published 2.5.14 · Reply
  4. Rachel wrote:

    I haven't had graham crackers in forever, but these heart shaped ones are too cute!

    Published 2.5.14 · Reply
  5. Dana wrote:

    Mmmmm, I want some now!

    Published 2.5.14 · Reply
  6. This are adorable! (& making me hungry!) XO

    Published 2.5.14 · Reply
  7. Hunter wrote:

    You always have great recipes! My boyfriend thanks you for that haha 🙂

    Prep on a Budget

    Published 2.5.14 · Reply
  8. Sarah wrote:

    These look awesome and so much more simple than I would've expected. Thanks for sharing!


    Published 2.5.14 · Reply
  9. Adorably delicious!

    Published 2.5.14 · Reply
  10. Holly wrote:

    Unbelievable! I would have never thought to try homemade graham crackers! Though, I have to say, I might have just eaten the Nutella with a spoon…. 😉

    Published 2.5.14 · Reply
  11. Alyssa wrote:

    These are just too cute! And perfect for a little nutella 🙂

    Runway Chef

    Published 2.6.14 · Reply
  12. So cute! They look yummy too. I think I have a heart shaped cookie cutter at my parents' house!

    Published 2.7.14 · Reply