Hollywood Hannukah

My family celebrates both Hannukah and Christmas, so in honor of The Festival of Lights (which started yesterday at sundown-Jews have a thing for sundown) here are a few of my favorite fashionable ladies who light the menorah (as Adam Sandler would put it).

Rachel Bilson
Natalie Portman
Rachel Zoe
SJP is half Jewish, like me! Love that bag.
Mila Kunis
Here’s a holiday card that should keep everyone on your list covered, denominations be damned!:
Etsy all-holidays card
Except they forgot one very important holiday:
Etsy Festivus cards

Next year I’ll be sending out exclusively Festivus cards for the holidays.

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  1. JHerring wrote:

    I love your blog!!

    Published 12.21.11 · Reply
  2. M.E wrote:

    Great post, love hearing about all the traditions πŸ™‚


    Published 12.21.11 · Reply
  3. You picked all my favorite leading ladies! Fun to see what they would wear πŸ™‚

    Published 12.21.11 · Reply
  4. cute! and tons of chic Jewish ladies!

    Published 12.21.11 · Reply
  5. what an adorable post! I did not know all these ladies were Jewish!!! Crazy! And so stylish too … love them all! But not as much as I love those cards!

    Published 12.21.11 · Reply
  6. haha that all holidays card is amazing! I need a stack of those for next year! and Mila Kunis <3

    Published 12.21.11 · Reply
  7. Elle Sees wrote:

    cheers to the half jews! my dad's family is jewish, so while i was raised christian, i was also exposed to the jewish traditions. and always jealous of my cousins who always had a religious holiday off from school. happy Hanukkah!

    Published 12.21.11 · Reply
  8. alicia wrote:

    have a happy holiday!

    Published 12.21.11 · Reply
  9. I had no idea how many Jewish celebs I was in love with! And those Christmas cards are adorable!

    Published 12.21.11 · Reply
  10. how fun that your family celebrates both holidays! haha those festivus cards are great!!

    Published 12.21.11 · Reply
  11. Alexa wrote:

    God Mila Kunis is gorgeous! Well they all are, but that photo of her is striking!

    Published 12.21.11 · Reply
  12. Dorothy wrote:

    Great post my darling, Happy Hanukah. Mom

    Published 12.21.11 · Reply
  13. Kassi wrote:

    haha Festivus – I love Seinfeld. Beautiful Jewish women, I love all of them! Happy Hanukkah to you!


    Published 12.22.11 · Reply
  14. Leslie wrote:

    Mila Kunis… favorite favorite by far. Seems like such a cool gal!


    Published 12.22.11 · Reply
  15. Lisa Marie wrote:

    I love the festivus card! Festivus for the rest of us – feats of strengths and airing of the grievances!! LOL.

    Published 12.22.11 · Reply
  16. Patti wrote:

    Santa sits with my menorah too!
    Love your blog-amazing, just like you!

    Published 12.23.11 · Reply