On My Wishlist: Linen Duvet


Lately there’s one decor item I just can’t get off my mind…linen bedding. Must. Get. I love my linen sheets so much that I’ve decided I need to expand to a duvet cover. I just love the look so much and really have for a while…and I still LOVE my old duvet cover and I’m not going to get rid of it, but I’ve had the same one for at least seven years so a little change might be in order, yes?


There’s this one from West Elm, (20% off currently) shown in Platinum above…but it looks a little brown, doesn’t it? Might just be the picture.


It also comes in charcoal, which I love, but I think I should probably keep my bedroom area light and soothing…though a part of me craves this slate color. A little more masculine and edgy.


This is another one I’m really leaning towards – Parachute Home’s linen duvet cover in Fog. It’s so light, bright and airy. Also, there’s a part of me that totally wants a white linen duvet, but I fear it might look too stark. This one is such a light gray that it practically is white, so it’s a perfect compromise me thinks. And then also, should I get linen Euro shams? Just go full out linen? I’m thinking…yes.


Have any of you ever ordered from Parachute Home? I’d love to know because I don’t have any experience with the company!

PS – more linen duvets at Garnet Hill and Anthropologie.

first image credit: Divaani

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  1. Joanne Rodino wrote:

    I just bought my daughter a grey linen duvet from H&M based on the recommendation of a blogger I follow. I did purchase site unseen based on her rec and it has gotten rave reviews. And it wasn’t expensive.

    Published 1.7.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Thank you! Didn’t think of H&M, will definitely check it out.

      Published 1.14.16 · Reply
  2. E wrote:

    I second that, HM white linen duvet is very well made, bargain of century . I use with Bella Notte , just as nice.

    Published 1.14.16 · Reply
  3. Lina wrote:

    Beautiful photos! I love linens so much. It’s so light and breathable, especially on hot summer days. My favourite producers: https://magiclinen.com/collections/duvet-covers-1 You should check their photos!

    Published 11.3.17 · Reply
  4. Rose wrote:

    If you are after the color choice for linen duvet you have to check : https://www.linenme.com/linen-duvets they have probably the widest range…

    Published 1.25.18 · Reply