Boho Bedding

You know how sometimes you’re drawn to styles that aren’t really YOU, but you just love them anyway? That’s how I am with bohemian bedding. I really love my own bedding, which to me is pretty, feminine and just very me. But I’m constantly drawn to that boho, slouchy, textural bedding look, where it’s all linen and just shades of grey and white, and it’s kind of dragging on the floor and very earthy (and less feminine than my own). Case in point, these inspiration images I’ve pinned over time:
image found on Pinterest

image via Truelane Instagram – she’s the queen of slouchy bedding!

image found on Pinterest 
I found the linen bedding below at Anthropologie and thought it perfectly exemplified this look…which is why I almost bought it, until my Mom reminded me that my bedding is beautiful and it would be a crime to do away with it (especially since my duvet cost like, $300). Still, I can’t help being drawn to the simplicity and the softness of it:

Love it in gray too. Look at how soft it looks! Seriously makes you want to just dive right in.

While I was checking out that linen bedding, I fell in love with a ton of Anthro’s pajamas and loungewear as well. There were so many cute items, it made me want to throw away all of my pajamas and start over fresh with their lacy little shorts, soft-as-a-feather tank tops, gorgeous nightgowns, perfect lounge pants, and light sweatshirts. I swear, every time I walk into their bedding department I just want to slip on one of their cozy robes, crawl under the quilts of their perfectly layered display bed and call it a day! They have everything I could ask for…reading material, candles…it’s very inviting!

Flower Patch Chemise

Lilac Garden Loungers

Clearly I am quite a fan of florals!

Don’t ask me where in the world I would possibly wear this. Just admire it with me.

Ok this hoodie + those floral crop pants up there = perfect for lounging on a summer night when it starts to get a little chillier. 

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  1. I'm obsessed with this post! Seriously, I completely agree. I love the slouchy style but I could never pull it off, even though I would love it.


    Published 7.25.14 · Reply
    • Thanks Briana! I agree, it's super cute but just would't work for me somehow. xox

      Published 7.27.14 · Reply
  2. I think that's so true, knowing what your style really is can help you say no to purchases that you're drawn to, but which ultimately won't work in your lifestyle. Great point!

    Published 7.27.14 · Reply