Glitter for Less

Kate Spade Karolina pumps in multi glitter

Old Navy Glitter pumps in Pink Glitter

I think it’s kind of funny to compare Kate Spade pumps to Old Navy pumps, but you have to admit, they actually are pretty similar looking! And when you compare the $325 price tag of the Kate Spades to the $34.94 price of the Old Navy pumps, those Old Navy’s start lookin better and better!

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  1. Great ideas and good taste.

    Published 12.10.11 · Reply
  2. WOW, those are great shoes. And I'm glad you were able to find much cheaper ones. Old Navy is a little more my speed. I'm a new follower 🙂 I'd love if you'd stop by my blog some time and say hi, and follow back if you're interested.

    Published 12.10.11 · Reply
  3. Alyssa wrote:

    Great finds! ♥

    Published 12.11.11 · Reply
  4. Thanks Clara, thanks Alyssa!

    Sarah-thanks for following! Love your blog 🙂

    Published 12.11.11 · Reply
  5. The Old Navy's are fabulous!

    Published 12.11.11 · Reply
  6. Eugenia wrote:

    I'd rather make my own glitter heels with pumps I'm bored with 🙂 much cheaper!

    Published 12.11.11 · Reply
  7. Good idea Eugenia! I actually saw a tutotial for making glitter pumps on, looked easy and fun!

    Published 12.11.11 · Reply
  8. Glitter on shoes is kinda the BEST! I've seen lots of fun DIY for this too!

    Published 12.12.11 · Reply
  9. Al wrote:

    So I can't wear heels…obvi. But that multi colored glitter is amazing. Actually I think it would look great on a nice mani/pedi for the holidays.

    Published 12.14.11 · Reply