NYC Guide: Kate Spade Home Pop-Up Shop

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Today I’m super psyched to share some exciting news with you: Kate Spade has opened a pop-up shop in NYC for their home collection! That includes their incredibly gorgeous new line of furniture, rugs, lighting, and home accessories, as well as colorful kitchen items, pretty desk supplies, elegant picture frames, and more. But seriously, have you seen their furniture? They really did an amazing job with it – these are high-quality, unique pieces that will add a luxe and elegant touch to any room, along with a little dose of that signature Kate Spade whimsy. The Kate Spade Home Pop-Up Shop is open currently and through May 31st – but fingers crossed it becomes a permanent fixture in Soho.

Kate Spade home popup-1536

Keep reading for more pictures! 

Kate Spade home popup-1491

Drake Tufted Sofa || Needlepoint Rose Rug

It just wouldn’t be a Kate Spade store without a killer gallery wall.

Kate Spade home popup-1492-3

Kate Spade home popup-1494

Kate Spade home popup-1495

Worthington Chair || Ellery Side Table

Kate Spade home popup-1497

Downing Desk || Pavilion Dot Cylinder Table Lamp

Kate Spade home popup-1498

Kate Spade home popup-1499

Ellery Sconce || Elsie Table Lamp

Kate Spade home popup-1501

Hayes Table Lamp – I looooove.

Kate Spade home popup-1503

Kate Spade home popup-1505

Kate Spade home popup-1506

Kate Spade home popup-1507

Kate Spade home popup-1508

Gorgeous bedding. 

Kate Spade home popup-1513

Kate Spade home popup-1510

Kate Spade home popup-1514

All in Good Taste book

Kate Spade home popup-1517

Dickinson Large Pendant || Georgia Chair

Kate Spade home popup-1519

Drake Slipper Chair in Azalea

Kate Spade home popup-1526

Stacking mugs

Kate Spade home popup-1528

Love those adorable tea kettles.

Kate Spade home popup-1522

I want these little polka dot bowls.

Kate Spade home popup-1533

Kate Spade home popup-1535

Downing Sofa

Kate Spade home popup-1537

I love the elegant curves and the dark piping on this lovely couch. So welcoming.

Kate Spade home popup-1543


Kate Spade home popup-1546

Kate Spade home popup-1547

Dot Glasses

Kate Spade home popup-1548

Kate Spade home popup-1549

Kate Spade home popup-1551

Kate Spade Home Pop-Up Shop

411 West Broadway, Soho

Hours: Monday – Saturday 10AM – 8PM, Sunday 11AM – 7PM

Open February 26th – May 31st 2016

photos by me

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  1. Ahhh it’s so dreamy (totally expected!)…definitely using this as another reason to come to NYC sooner 🙂

    Published 2.29.16 · Reply
  2. Jessica wrote:

    After seeing this and your pictures of The Laundress, I definitely need a trip to SOHO!!!

    Published 2.29.16 · Reply
  3. This looks amazing, I am there! On the Facebook site it says until March 10, is that an error do you think? I hope its open until May 31!

    Published 2.29.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      I think it’s an error, in another spot on the post it says May 31st. I hope it’s open til then too!

      Published 2.29.16 · Reply
  4. Leslie wrote:

    Thanks so much for sharing! I won’t be able to see this adorable shop, so I appreciate the photo tour!

    Published 2.29.16 · Reply
  5. Elana wrote:

    Oh my goodness absolute perfection!

    Published 2.29.16 · Reply
  6. Ahhh I adore Kate Spade!


    Published 3.2.16 · Reply