Gift Guide for the Person Who Misses NYC

The Covid pandemic has not only stopped people from traveling to New York City, but also caused so many residents to have to leave in the past year. I know a ton of these people are missing New York so much – especially this time of year, when the city is transforming in it’s special way for the holidays – so I thought it would be useful to share a gift guide for the person who misses NYC. Whether they’re a traveler who has had to stay put or a former New Yorker who’s missing the magic of the city (or someone who lives here, and just loves NYC stuff, cough cough, me), if they’re on your list, I think they’ll love these picks:

A candle from the chic Hill House Home that evokes the holidays in New York City and is also gorgeous (that packaging!) – or better yet, a whole I Love NY Bundle.

New York City toile coasters – so fun! I love the black and white.

A soft and cozy tee from one of the city’s best independent bookshops (I have one and love it!).

A pretty New York City Christmas tree ornament would be a perfect gift for someone who misses NYC this time of year.

A box of bonbons from, I am not joking you and I feel confident in this, the BEST chocolate shop in the city if not the world. The bonbons are stunningly gorgeous, beyond delicious, and come packaged in a gift box that looks like a book – and they ship! This place is a New York City institution as far as I’m concerned!

New York City books I adore: The Phantom of Fifth Avenue (non-fiction that moves from Gilded Age New York to modern day and is truly the most interesting/unbelievable story), New York in Stride (adorably illustrated walking guide), New York in Bloom (the most stunning photos of New York in springtime by Georgianna Lane), Seeing Central Park (a beautiful coffee table book about the Park). One I haven’t read that looks intriguing: Interior Landmarks of New York.

A gift card to one of the city’s beloved independent bookshops, all of which are struggling so much through Covid with the loss of foot traffic. Anyone who loves New York knows how much these bookstores add to the magic of the city and would want to help them, I think! Great options are McNally Jackson, Shakespeare and Co., The Strand, The Corner Bookstore, Kitchen Arts and Letters, The Mysterious Bookshop, and Rizzoli.

A charming Christmas-y New York City print by the incredibly talented Riley Sheehey.

Anybody who loves New York would probably be thrilled to receive a piece by Kazuya Morimoto, an artist who paints at different corners of the West Village and sells prints of his originals right there on the sidewalk (he might sell originals too?). He’s SO talented and I love his work so much! You’re bound to find a favorite building or corner among his collection – I have one that he painted of Three Lives & Co., my favorite independent bookshop in the West Village. It’s so cool to run across him downtown every once in a while and see what new pieces he has. He doesn’t sell online so you’d have to find him in the city to purchase, which kind of makes it even more special.

Skating in Central Park, a really lovely piece by the talented Dominique Corbasson.

Two more great options for New York City art (I own and love both of these) – limited edition NYC watercolor prints from Caitlin McGauley here and here. These are actually kind of rare to find! She doesn’t have any New York City pieces available on her site so I’m surprised these are still available – seriously a great gift.

Something cute from Ralph’s Coffee, like a coffee tray set, mug, or, of course, their coffee! It’s one of the most charming and chic coffee shops on the Upper East Side. Anyone who’s been there and left the city probably misses it greatly! What with Covid only allowing for outdoor dining, I’m certainly missing the gorgeous interior myself.

Adorable NYC holiday greeting cards – you can send them one as a holiday greeting, or buy them a box of the cards for them to use!

An edgier take on the I Heart NY tee.

New York or Nowhere apparel – could be cute for a guy maybe! I have their rainbow tee which unfortunately was a limited run but I can attest to the quality of their stuff.

More lovely New York art! This is one of my favorite bridges in Central Park (a slightly lesser-known one than the ubiquitous Bow Bridge). He has other great ones as well.

Good Night New York City – adorable for a kid. I think this children’s book about the NYPL also looks super cute!

This I Heart NY embroidered sweater is expensive but 20% of the proceeds go to helping New York City restaurants that are struggling horribly with the pandemic.

Another amazing NYC artist – original watercolors here and prints here. I love this one especially and the mugs are fun too!

Anyone who’s not been in the city probably misses the amazing, fresh baked goods available at two of the best bakeries in the city: Dominique Ansel and Levain. Luckily, they’re both doing shipping now! Levain’s signature cookies can be ordered here and at Dominique Ansel they have a selection of their best items available for shipping.

A pretty New York City Christmas tree ornament would be a perfect gift for someone who misses NYC this time of year.

Serving New York is a cookbook that includes easy to make recipes from some of the city’s best restaurants, many of which were forced to close when Covid hit. 100% of the proceeds of this book go to R.O.A.R., an organization providing cash assistance to New York’s restaurant workers – making this the perfect gift for anyone who wants to help the city’s many restaurant workers who have been put out of work due to the pandemic.

A lovely New York City in winter puzzle or this pretty one of Park Avenue in spring (they have a bunch of cute ones!).

The Encyclopedia of New York, an A-Z collection of things that were started or invented in New York (Scrabble! The elevator! The concept of a “singles bar”), from the editors of New York Magazine.

The cutest NYC themed boxer shorts – great as pajamas for a girls or guys!

Last but not least – shameless plug – a New York City photography print from my Etsy shop could be a great gift!

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