New Release on the Horizon: Chris Cleave

I was really excited to read that Chris Cleave, author of Little Bee and Incendiary, has a new novel coming out in July!

Gold tells a story of the divide between extreme sickness and extreme health in two Olympic athletes who have a daughter battling leukemia. If you’ve read Little Bee, you know how emotionally wrenching Cleave’s stories can be, and how a little plot summary like I’ve just provided really doesn’t come close to illuminating what his novels are actually about. I haven’t read Incendiary yet-I actually was a little scared off because the subject matter seems a bit depressing, and Little Bee wasn’t exactly an upper! But then I watched this video interview of Cleave, and it changed my perception of his work a bit. He explains that his books are really about basic human goodness-that was not what I was expecting to hear him say! But then when I started to mull it over a little and think about Little Bee, I realized it actually is a story about goodness, about kindness and human resilience-amid horrors and atrocities. See, this is why he’s such a great writer-his work has such depth and emotion. I definitely recommend watching the short video interview where he talks about his new novel-he seems so sincere, down to earth, and just genuinely excited about his work.

I also really love the eye-catching cover art that distinguishes Cleave’s work. It makes his books pop off the shelf and you just know right away it’s a Cleave novel.

By the way, did you know that Little Bee was called “The Other Hand” when released in the UK? And the cover art was totally different as well (and much more generic). Also, Little Bee is being turned into a movie starring Nicole Kidman! She seems like the perfect choice to play the character of Sarah, so I’ll be very interested to see how that turns out.

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  1. sampenner wrote:

    Def have to add these to the reading list- they look very intriguing!



    Published 1.18.12 · Reply
  2. Leslie wrote:

    That's really interesting how the cover art and title changed when published in the UK. I haven't read his work, but I'll have to check it out!

    Published 1.18.12 · Reply
  3. I've never heard of him but now I'm REALLY intrigued. Thinking a trip to the book store is in order!

    Published 1.18.12 · Reply
  4. Rebecca wrote:

    I've never heard of him, but I'm always looking for new books. I'll have to check out his work!

    Published 1.18.12 · Reply
  5. That cover art is stunning! Thank you for sharing this πŸ™‚

    XX Kathryn

    Published 1.18.12 · Reply
  6. Ooh, I hadn't heard that he had a new book on the horizon! I'll definitely have to check that out. Like you I've read (and loved) Little Bee, and am a big fan of his cover designs.

    Published 1.18.12 · Reply
  7. Alexa wrote:

    Incendiary made me really depressed. Haven't read Little Bee, but heard the same. It's funny how I can't read depressing books anymore now that I'm a mom.

    Published 1.18.12 · Reply
  8. Britt+Whit wrote:

    ooh thanks for the book highlights! i need a new one to read on my kindle! perfect πŸ™‚

    love from San Francisco,

    Published 1.18.12 · Reply
  9. Lisa Marie wrote:

    I have had Little Bee sitting on my shelf for about a year now and have yet to read it. I started it a long time ago but never picked it up again. I guess I need to put it to the top of the stack and read it!!

    Published 1.19.12 · Reply
  10. Lisa wrote:

    Love those book covers β€” adding to my reading list!

    Published 1.19.12 · Reply