Easy Homemade Biscuits

The other day I woke up with a hankering for a buttermilk scone with clotted cream and jam from Alice’s Tea Cup. However, I was not on board with the fact that obtaining one would have involved showering and making myself presentable to walk the fifteen-ish blocks to the Upper East Side location. Next best option: staying in my pjs and making something from scratch. Luckily, I happened to have heavy cream in my refrigerator, so I was able to whip up a recipe that I’ve enjoyed many times – Smitten Kitchen’s cream biscuits. They’re super easy to throw together and bake up light, fluffy, and tender, with a moist interior and a slight crunch to the golden brown bottom – delicious!

This obviously taste best fresh-baked, so here’s a great tip that Deb shares in the recipe: bake up the ones that you’re going to eat that day. Then for the other ones, lay them out on the baking sheet and place the whole baking sheet in the freezer. Once the biscuits are fully frozen, put them in a Ziploc baggie and put them back in the freezer. Then when you want to bake say, two of them for breakfast or with dinner, just go ahead and bake them from their frozen state. They’ll only take a few minutes longer than usual, and you’ve got fresh-baked, warm biscuits! So much better than baking them all and sort of scrambling to eat them before they get stale or soggy or whatever (not that I have much trouble wolfing these down, but I digress :). Great tip, yes?

photos by me

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  1. Thanks Leslie! They are, I totally want to whip up another batch this weekend! 🙂

    Published 11.7.14 · Reply
  2. OH YUM! I love buttery biscuits with either jam or more butter!

    Published 11.7.14 · Reply