Cinnamon-Sugar Baked Doughnuts

The other day I got a craving for something sweet (what else is new?), and I decided it had been too long since I’d made baked doughnuts. So I paged through my Barefoot Contessa Foolproof cookbook and decided to whip up her Cinnamon-Sugar Baked Doughnuts. My only regret is not enjoying them alongside a cup of hot chocolate. Next time!

Now, these are a dessert/sweet breakfast and not meant to be “healthy.” However, I ran out of all-purpose flour and was forced to sub in half of what the recipe called for with what I had in my freezer, which was spelt flour (spelt flour is a type of whole-wheat flour – it’s an ancient grain and actually works pretty well in baked goods, as it is less heavy than regular whole-wheat). And to be honest, these were still delicious! So if you want to make these a little healthier, I’m here to tell you you could use half spelt flour with half all-purpose, and they’ll still be super yummy. Although I imagine they would probably be more delicious if I’d been able to follow the recipe as written. Note to self: buy flour. 
photographs by me

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  1. Alyssa wrote:

    Yum–these look delicious! I think I need to invest in a donut pan…it seems like it makes things so much easier!

    Published 1.28.14 · Reply
  2. These look absolutely delicious!

    Published 1.28.14 · Reply
  3. Hunter wrote:

    This recipe looks great!

    Prep on a Budget

    Published 1.28.14 · Reply
  4. Holly wrote:

    yum! Too bad I didn't see this idea before I finished my hot chocolate! 😉

    Published 1.28.14 · Reply
    • Haha exactly Holly…a perfect thing to eat with hot chocolate. Cinnamon and chocolate just belong together 🙂

      Published 1.30.14 · Reply
  5. Nnenna wrote:

    Oh wow, these look extremely delicious. I've always wanted to try making my own donuts!

    Published 1.28.14 · Reply
  6. Yum, yum, yum. I want to curl up in my bed and eat these and watch movies while the polar vortex rages on outside!!!!

    Published 1.28.14 · Reply
  7. I bookmarked the recipe & give it a try in the next weeks… They look yummy & healthy due to the fact that they are baked & not fried…

    Have a great day!!!

    xoxo Violeta, your Shoegal Out In The World

    Published 1.29.14 · Reply
  8. Rachel wrote:

    Yum! This is a perfect idea for a weekend breakfast

    Published 1.29.14 · Reply
  9. OMG these look SO delicious!

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

    Published 1.29.14 · Reply
  10. Goodness, these look delicious! I'll keep this recipe thumbnailed for sure. Paired with a warm cup of coffee or cocoa, this would make for the perfect Saturday breakfast.
    CoverGirl + Converse

    Published 1.29.14 · Reply
  11. yes, love a good homemade baked doughnut! Perfect thing to munch before braving the cold outside.

    Published 1.31.14 · Reply