Central Park in February

I took a stroll through Central Park a few weekends ago and discovered a few new-to-me areas: Bridge No. 24 (the gray and white one below), The Bow Bridge, and The Ramble. Every time I go to the Park I seem to “discover” some new landmark (mainly because I don’t know my way around). 

According to the Central Park website, Bridge No. 24 is one of the oldest cast-iron bridges in America, and was built as a walkway so pedestrians could avoid all of the people riding on horseback below. 

I was really happy to come across the Bow Bridge, because after seeing Carin’s AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS photos of it covered in snow, I was wondering where this lovely bridge was and why I had never seen it. As per Central Park’s website, the Bow Bridge is named for it’s shape, which is similar to a violinist’s bow, and is the second oldest cast-iron bridge in all of America (and Central Park’s first). 

A little hut/shelter overlooking The Lake.

The Ramble was very cool because it’s so unlike any other area of Central Park – you’re really kind of wandering through the woods on twisting footpaths. Above is the little babbling brook I encountered, which was (as someone pointed out on Instagram) very fairytale-esque! 
This is the Cherry Hill Fountain, which used to be the watering trough for all of the horses drawing buggies through the Park. This area is named for all of the cherry blossoms that will apparently bloom here in the spring. Fun fact: many people think (and tour guides tell people) that this is the fountain that they’re splashing around in during the opening sequence of Friends. This is a myth, however – that was actually filmed on a lot in Warner Brothers Studios in LA.

Anyway, speaking of cherry blossoms, the snow was nice and all but here’s to hoping that the next time I post pictures of Central Park, it’s all in bloom. I’m SO READY to take pictures of flowers! And trees with actual leaves on them.

all photos by me

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  1. Ha! Our tour guide told us that fountain was from FRIENDS and I believed it until now! Thanks for the fun fact! Man I can't wait to visit NYC again!

    Published 3.10.14 · Reply
  2. Alyssa wrote:

    Gorgeous pictures! Central Park is pretty stunning in the snow!

    Published 3.10.14 · Reply
  3. Central Park. The perfect place for any photoshoot.

    Your Friend, Jess

    Published 3.10.14 · Reply
  4. Great photos! I agree… when I was in Central Park last weekend it was great and all, but it would've been MUCH more enjoyable and beautiful all in bloom! Here's hoping that Spring comes soon!!!


    Published 3.10.14 · Reply
  5. Hunter wrote:

    I love these pictures! They make me miss NYC!

    Prep on a Budget

    Published 3.10.14 · Reply
  6. michelle wrote:

    it looks so beautiful! and as someone who lives in a place with no actual winter, i am jealous of your snow.

    Published 3.10.14 · Reply
    • Yeah I hear ya…gets old pretty fast though! We're all jealous of your beautiful weather ๐Ÿ™‚

      Published 3.11.14 · Reply
  7. Beautiful pictures! They definitely make the snow look beautiful (in reality I am very tired of the snow!) Now bring on the spring!


    Published 3.10.14 · Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    FYI: "Friends" opening sequence was shot in L.A.,but not on the WB lot but in front of a real apartment building.

    Published 3.11.14 · Reply
    • Oops, thanks! Look at me, I'm as bad as the tour guides, hah ๐Ÿ™‚

      Published 3.11.14 · Reply
  9. I do miss Central Park, especially in the springtime. Nice pics, thank you!

    Published 3.12.14 · Reply