A Tour of My Gallery Wall + Full Source List

Today I’m excited to have a full tour and source list for my massive gallery wall! I’ve had a lot of gallery walls over the years, and as you can see, I love to take the “eclectic” approach. This current iteration is a mix in all ways – vertical and horizontal pieces, originals and prints, painting, photographs, and drawings, vintage and new, pieces with a personal meaning and pieces I just liked, in all different sizes and a variety of different frames. For this gallery wall I went with the “wallpaper” approach, where it’s wall to wall and floor to ceiling art (rather than a smaller arrangement) – I was partially inspired by Kate and Andy Spade’s New York City apartment gallery wall which I’ve always loved.

A note on framing – while professional framing is wonderful and often necessary (especially for original pieces), perfectly great frames like the Ribba can be found at Ikea for 8 dollars. West Elm, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Teen, and CB2 have good options as well. It’s not a hard and fast rule by any means but I often use store bought frames for prints and professional framing for originals. I also do professional framing when I want a special type of effect, like float mounting and/or non-reflective glass (which I love). I’ve used Framebridge many times but their frames are so thick depth-wise, which I find a bit odd, plus their glass is super reflective (which is annoying) so I’m mostly off them.

Onto the tour! First up, this Caitlin McGauley Gapstow Bridge watercolor print – miraculously still available! I love that this depicts a snowy winter evening…it feels so cozy and romantic with the way she depicted the glowy lights.

This Queen piece is thrifted and totally random. My Mom was buying vintage maps at a thrift store in the Hamptons (to frame), and this was a page in the book of maps, which the shop person threw in with her purchases. My Mom was going to throw it out but I liked it, so I took it instead and framed it. Do I know what it means? Not really… maybe the book of maps was dedicated to the queen or something? I love it regardless and I think it’s just kind of cool and quirky – certainly one of a kind! – and I love the little crown. It seemed like it was just crying out for a gilt frame, so I had this one done professionally and love how it turned out.

The hot pink ballerinas are a print by Inslee, sadly no longer available. I love them!

All the way on the left is an original painting from an artist I know and adore, Corinne Bizzle. I found Corinne when her work was used in the Kips Bay Showhouse, and I became a huge fan. I love her fun and eclectic abstracts and I really appreciate that she does these monthly minis, which are a great way to get affordable original art.

The tiny photo underneath is by Georgianna Lane, a photographer I love who I’m lucky to have gotten to know through Instagram. It’s a photo from her book London in Bloom, and it makes me so happy! She’s such a talented photographer and London is my favorite place in the world. It would probably be better with a mat (art is ALWAYS better with a mat) but I didn’t really have room.

Sorry the photos are a little confusing – I removed the Elizabeth portrait art seen in the left hand side photo and replaced it with the illustration you see on the right. The illustration is by artist Jennifer Vallez of Sophie and Lili, and I really love it because it’s an Instagram that I posted, which Jen saw and decided to draw! I was totally surprised when I saw she did that and I was just so delighted. The photo was this gorgeous historic townhouse on the Upper East Side that has a beautiful mansard roof, and it looks straight out of Old New York – especially at Christmas when they put a charming wreath in each window. She illustrated it so beautifully and I’ve been dying to get it hung up. So yeah, I just love that and it’s such a fun memory for me of how excited I was when I saw that she drew my photo! I still love the Elizabeth portrait art though…never enough walls, I’m tellin’ ya. Never. Enough. Walls. But also I have three more portrait art pieces by Josh around my apartment so one had to be sacrificed.

The little photo is a detail from my apartment that Kate Ignatowski (a photographer I love who has become a good friend and mentor) took when she was photographing my home for The Everygirl. This one means a lot to me, as Kate was the reason I got into photography in the first place – when she was photographing my apartment I was fascinated watching her and it just kicked off the whole thing, which has obviously become a huge part of my life. So this is a lovely reminder of that! The photo is of my Distortion candlestick, which happens to be one of my favorite things I own – it’s Salvador Dali-esque and just a cool twist (no pun intended!) on a classic candlestick.

The bookshelf painting is a Caitlin McGauley print that was included in a Quarterlane box. Quarterlane was a monthly subscription box that curated books, and they also included an artist collab in each box. I miss them! Obviously there’s little I love more than reading and bookshelves, so this print is perfect to me.

The building print is by Danielle Kroll, who also designed the matchbook wallpaper in my bathroom. I constantly find myself drawn to illustrations that feature buildings, and this townhouse print turned out to be a nice reflection of my Instagram! The wooden frame is from West Elm.

This black abstract is a print I bought from Saatchi years and years ago.

This pink paint stroke original piece is called Mean Girls Wear Pink by Andy Blank – a fantastic resource for affordable original pieces! I found him through my friend Will and this has become one of my very favorite pieces that I own. I LOVE the thick, thick texture of the paint.

Another large Caitlin McGauley print, of summer at the Conservatory Water/sailboat pond in Central Park. I bought this long before I started family photography, but now that I’ve shot so many family sessions in this exact spot, this piece has taken on a new meaning for me. It’s such a happy painting!

The skyline watercolor print is by an artist I found on Etsy named Jessica Durrant. I love the drips! I’ve had this for a really time and I’m glad I’ve kept it – it’s different, it’s New York, and it’s a landscape piece which helps add variety and break up all of the vertical pieces. I might like it better in a white frame but I had this one professionally framed (not really necessary, it was a long time ago though), so I’m leaving it for now.

This yellow flower painting is an original from Caitlin McGauley, a piece that she included when I bought a different large scale original from her. Did you know that often an artist will include small pieces when you buy an original? How incredibly generous and lovely. I ADORE this piece and it was the most exciting surprise! I had this one professionally framed on the Upper East Side with non-reflective glass. It’s just such a cheerful, happy piece.

This London map by Alice Tait is a piece I bought when I visited London with friends a few years ago. I absolutely love London so this is a fun reminder of that trip.

This pink and black abstract original is a piece I commissioned from NG Collective. I found them through Victoria and they used to have a lot of smaller pieces like this. The one I wanted was sold out so I asked them to create a similar piece, and this is that! I had this one professionally framed and while it doesn’t bother me at all, this frame is a lot thinner than anything I’d choose now (but I actually think it looks good!).

The tiny piece on the top right is a print of an Instagram photo I took in from Paris from the top of the Arc de Triomphe at sunset. I had it framed through Framebridge (they’ll print and frame your Instagrams).

The black and white photo was taken and developed by my sister at Westbury Gardens when she was in high school. Westbury Gardens is this incredible gilded age mansion on Long Island, with the most amazing grounds and gardens – including the Walled Garden, seen here. This one means a lot because it was taken by my sister and because Westbury is such a special place to me, as I’ve been going with my family since I was little.

This painting is one of my favorite pieces in the world. It’s the interior of the Walled Garden at Westbury, and my sister’s photo above is of the path leading in to the Walled Garden. This piece is STUNNING and was painted by artist Roseanne Kaloustian, and she painted it at Westbury. Again it’s just such a special place to me, and this piece is so beautiful. I bought it at Westbury when they were having an exhibition of art created there. It was already beautifully framed (thank goodness, because I wouldn’t have known how to frame this). If you look closely, you can see the little blue pergola from the painting all the way in the background of my sister’s photo.

This piece is an original by Caitlin McGauley of a NYC townhouse at Christmas. Christmas in New York is such a magical time so this piece makes me feel warm and cozy. I had it float mounted so you can see the torn edges of the paper – love that for an original piece.

The light blue Modern Art piece is by Craig Damraeur from his “New Math” series. I purchased it a million years ago at 20X200, and I just thought it was funny (and it’s SO TRUE!).

On the left is a Josh Young portrait art titled Emma. I love when people take classic art and put a modern spin on it, by throwing paint over it or whatever else, so I love his portrait pieces. Like I mentioned above, this is one of four that I own, lol. Josh is so talented and I’m really glad I’ve gotten to know him through Instagram.

The watercolor print of the Strand is by artist Katie Woodward, aka @ramblingsketcher on Instagram. I adore the Strand so this was a no-brainer! You guys have to check out her NYC watercolors, I love them so much (obsessed with this one of the Cartier building at Christmas). She has prints and originals available.

This little original painting of the cab was a piece that Caitlin McGauley sent over with my purchase of the Metropolitan Museum of Art original. It’s SO cute!

This fun book print is by Jane Mount of Ideal Bookshelf. I bought this a million years ago and I’m glad I’ve kept it all these years! I love her Ideal Bookshelf series and this was a good landscape (in a West Elm frame).

The abstract original is by another favorite artist, Kayce Hughes. I think I first discovered her through the Mark Sikes showhouse in RI, where he used her pieces all over the home (and it was amazing). Many designers that I love use her art in their projects, and I just love her distinctive style. I sadly can’t really afford a large piece of hers (and if I could there’s absolutely no space for it in my apartment), but luckily she does sell these smaller pieces on her Instagram here (she offers three pieces daily and they go quick!). As mentioned above about Corinne Bizzle, minis are a perfect way to get originals from an artist you love for an affordable price. This was professionally framed.

This black, white, gray and pink abstract is another favorite! It was a gift from Christina Baker, an artist who I’m lucky to have gotten to know over the last few years. Christina and I connected after I bought a piece of hers that I spotted at the Hampton Designer Showhouse, and she is seriously the kindest, nicest person. She really generously created this piece for me as a surprise, and I’m telling you, she somehow painted my Platonic ideal of a painting. I mean, I simply love everything about it – it feels so me. She somehow just knew! If I were to conjure up a piece that I would love beyond all love and that I felt would really embody my taste and the colors and style I love, it would be this. It’s almost uncanny! And it was such a wonderful surprise to receive this.

The fun, crazy pink piece is called “Sugarcoat” by Michelle Hinebrook – isn’t that the perfect name for this? It reminds me of sprinkles. I bought it from 20×200 SUCH A LONG TIME AGO – I can’t believe it’s still available!

Southern artist Alexis Walter periodically releases original minis – I’m a huge fan of hers and this was a great way to get one of her pieces in an affordable way. It’s just a tiny little canvas and yet it has such detail and depth to it. It was also a great piece to break up all of the larger pieces.

This piece is really special because it’s my FIRST Caitlin McGauley piece, which as you can see kicked off quite the obsession! My Mom and Dad got me this for my birthday a MILLION years ago, and it’s a print of Washington Square Park. At the time I only vaguely knew of Caitlin, and my mom didn’t even know that I knew of her – she just bought it because she thought I’d like it. And I LOVE it!

This is another Instagram mini from Framebridge, a photo of a car I took in London.

This Eiffel Tower print is by Alaina Kaczmarski. Alaina was one of the first bloggers I ever followed, and she used to have this collection of these simple black and white line drawings of European landmarks. I’ve had it forever and still really like it for its simplicity. That one is in a West Elm frame.

This Parisian door is a photograph I took in France, available in my Etsy shop.

The watercolor of the girl with flowers is another Caitlin McGauley original that she sent along with another original I bought. I especially love the little paint daubs along the side. I had this framed with a float mount so you can see the torn edges of the paper (I love float mounting for originals).

This Venus piece is a print from Inslee Fariss, another favorite artist. This is from a group of paintings she did that she called “The Muses,” and I absolutely loved the whole collection. She gave me this print as a gift when I assisted her and her photographer Ana Gambuto on their photo shoot for the collection, so this is a nice memory from that day!

This is my very first Caitlin McGauley original, a watercolor of the Met Museum from a collection of New York City paintings she did. I had a tough time choosing from among the paintings in the collection but I love the one I got! This was framed by Framebridge with the float mount technique.

Last but not least! This is a fashion illustration of me, by artist Brooke Hagel. This one is really special because Brooke generously did a series of fashion illustrations for frontline workers during Covid, and my friends Will and Toby nominated me! Such a big surprise and the sweetest, kindest gesture from all of them. I couldn’t be more appreciative and I absolutely love my custom illustration – Brooke is so talented!

If you’d like to see a video tour of the gallery wall, head to my IGTV!

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