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Hi guys! How was your week? This weekend I’m excited to be shooting some new bedding for Garnet Hill (will share soon), and going to the second meeting of my book club. Really struggling with the book but hopefully I can power through…and planning to make these cookies, yum. Hope you all have a great one!

Really liked this eclectic, colorful, and pattern-filled Manhattan apartment tour.

I want to wear this all spring. So pretty!

I was delighted to come across this pretty duvet printed with a Helen Dealtry floral, after just writing about her on Wednesday.

Ok, I swear I’m not stalking Helen Dealtry – just stumbled on this too! Love the gold + floral.

A completely gorgeous photography portfolio. Pinning everything.

Excited for this new book coming out from fashion illustrator Dallas Shaw – it’s going to be lovely!

Literary train rides in London.

Cake is my aesthetic.

Some great food photography tips (but really applicable to all photography). Also, drooling now.

Nate and Jeremiah (cutest couple in the WORLD) have a new show coming out – psyched to watch! (and for adorable Poppy’s guest appearances :).

Great pre-airplane ride tips.

I feel like I don’t need this, but I also feel like if I got it I would wear it all the time (so maybe I do need it? ;).

Pretty dishware.

LOVE this, I could never wear it because my fat would squeeze out the sides but omg, so cute.

I know I mentioned this before, but I have to reiterate how OBSESSED I am with these pants – comfiest ever, and cute enough to leave the apartment in.


photo via my instagram

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