Garance Dore: My Cape

Excited that I finally got around to framing my signed Garance Dore print that I got at the Rifle Paper Co. x Garance Dore Open Studio! It was such a fun event, and Garance was so lovely and sweet, so I’m glad to have this gorgeous signed print as a memento of the day. I’m just torn on where to place it. I really love it on the entry table – I’ve always been a fan of leaning art, and I love the look of it layered over the mirror.

The only problem is that having it there sort of necessitates having flowers in front of it (it looks weird without something tall in front), and as much as I love having fresh flowers, that can get a bit pricey. I had originally thought to hang it in my entryway, as I did when I snapped this grainy pic (complete with laundry bag on the floor, hello reality :):

I know it’s a little hard to say since that picture sucks, but what do you guys think? I feel like it looks a little awkward, but my Mom said she liked it. Maybe it would feel more balanced if I placed another framed picture under the other print? For now I’m leaving it on my entry, since I’m obsessed with fresh flowers at the moment anyway. I couldn’t resist the pink peonies at Whole Foods the other week:

You can get your own copy of Garance’s gorgeous print, entitled “My Cape,” on her site here

photos by me

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  1. Alexis wrote:

    It looks fantastic there! Very casual and not "staged". And YAY for the laundry bag! I can think of a bajillion bloggers that would sooner die than let a bit of "reality" creep into their blog photos- that's why I love ya! xo

    Published 5.30.14 · Reply
  2. I'm so bummed I couldn't make it to the event…this bums me out even more!! AH! Green with envy. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I love it on your table!

    Published 5.30.14 · Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Is this a custom framing or DIY? I have a lot of gorgeous prints and artwork, but can't afford the custom framing and am looking for a cheaper alternative. Too bad not everything is made in Ikea sizes for framing ๐Ÿ™

    Published 5.31.14 · Reply
    • I'm actually going to post about the frame on Monday, you read my mind ๐Ÿ™‚ I'll explain how I framed it then!

      Published 6.1.14 · Reply
  4. Cara wrote:

    I spy that fabulous perforated Madewell tote…ugh I need it even more now. 0:-)

    Published 5.31.14 · Reply
  5. Oh my gosh that's too cool. I think it looks great both places, but I really love it on the entry way table. Maybe you could find something other than flowers to put in front of it? I also don't typically love fake flowers but you could find some convincing ones and use those when you don't feel like buying real flowers.

    Published 5.31.14 · Reply
    • Great idea Rachel! Sometimes fake flowers can be cute and look real, so I'll definitely keep my eye out for a nice one.

      Published 6.1.14 · Reply
  6. Leslie wrote:

    I love your new piece, and it's so neat that you were able to meet her and get it signed. I like it both places; you have a lovely home. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published 5.31.14 · Reply
  7. Gosh I should have stuck around and got a signed print. You know what? I LOVE exactly where it is. I like it much better then on the wall.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    Published 5.31.14 · Reply
  8. The gorgeous print looks good everywhere! So, maybe change it from location to location every season that way your entire home can bask in it's beauty ; ) My TOP favorite location / style is in the entryway with the pink peonies (lively contrast to the black/white print). Makes it look even more GORGEOUS!

    Published 5.31.14 · Reply
  9. Holly wrote:

    I love this! I think it's especially nice on the table- maybe layer it with some sculptural object instead of flowers (at least when they start to break the budget)

    Published 6.4.14 · Reply