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Yay, Friday! What’s everyone up to this weekend? I’m going to brunch tomorrow at ABC Kitchen, my favorite restaurant in the city – really excited because I’ve only had dinner there, never brunch – and every meal I’ve ever had there has been amazing. I’m also planning to do a little cooking – Italian Wedding soup (this recipe look good), and a Melissa Clark Apple Buttermilk Cake. Yum! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Now for a few links:

I picked this book up at Barnes and Noble the other day and can’t wait to read it.

Is anyone else freaked out by the thought of the weird chemicals that are used for dry cleaning? For my NYC readers, I just found out about a great organic, non-toxic option: Eco Laundry Company. They’re undertaking a lot of initiatives to keep their laundry services environmentally friendly as possible – really admirable.

The news is depressing and we need to laugh – and hear about it from smart people who echo your feelings on the but manage to express them in a more clever and hilarious way than you (and by you, I mean I) ever could. What I’m saying is, you NEED to listen to Pod Save America – a podcast hosted by Jon Lovett and Jon Favreau, two of Obama’s former speechwriters, along with Tommy Vietor, a former spokesperson for the Obama White House. They’re SO funny, and smart…it’s just so good.

On another note: Sugar Paper has candles now! They’re SO pretty and the scents sound delightful. Need them both.

Another one for my New York City peeps: now through Sunday, it’s Valrhona’s Second Annual Hot Chocolate Festival! 11 places are participating, (including some of my faves like Dominique Ansel Kitchen and Ladurée), by creating unique hot chocolates, with proceeds going to Valrhona’s Clean Water Project.

Really love this charming city art from Dominique Corbasson.

Have you guys seen Eye Level yet? It’s a new literary magazine created by Caroline Cala (former contributor on Cup of Jo) and Uli Buetter Cohen (of Subway Book Review). A magazine about books – what could be better? Not too highbrow, not too lowbrow (hence the name, Eye Level) – you can check out Issue One here.

An awesome interior design project from Jacquelyn Clark – she’s so talented!

Duvets are too hot. And yet, my current light blanket from Serena and Lily is too light. I mean, the struggle guys. How do I even manage? Hah, kidding. But I was thinking of getting this quilt from Parachute Home in dark gray – but will that be too masculine looking? Can’t decide. Or should I just get a light gray linen duvet cover and hope that it will be lighter-weight than my old duvet cover?

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  1. karen wrote:

    I adore D.Corbaason , really speaks to me.

    Published 2.3.17 · Reply
  2. Gretchen wrote:

    Some really great links this week. Thanks!

    Published 2.4.17 · Reply