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Happy Fourth of July weekend! I hope everyone has fun plans – I’ll be heading home to Long Island to spend some quality time in my parent’s backyard. I’m planning on kicking back with a good book by the pool, eating lots of barbecued food, and not opening my laptop at all.

Silly as this book’s title is, I think it might actually hold the key to happiness within its pages.

Ooh, another Michelle Adams home tour!

Maybe this will get me to go back to the gym.

Do you want to laugh? A lot? Enjoy.

I have so damn many green army jackets (and wear them all), but that doesn’t stop me from wanting this seemingly perfect one. 

Instead of paying $25 per night for spaghetti with olive oil on Seamless (seriously), I think I’m going to make this.

Forget what I said about the gym. I wanna make funnel cake.

This dress is so cute on Caroline…love the midi length.

Sugarfina made rosé-infused gummy bears and roses – perfect for a summer treat!

New York City bookstores…a few that didn’t make my list.

Some gorgeous shots of Charleston.

LOVE this sexy-but-sporty one-piece.

Another super pretty bathing suit…too bad I can’t get it as I typically need long torso suits 🙁

This book was apparently really popular in Australia and now Europa Editions is making it available in the US…it sounds very intriguing. I like the Australian cover better though!

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  1. karen wrote:

    That green army jacket…the back makes it, get it!

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