Loving, Lately


OBSESSED with this Self Portrait dress – I think it’s legitimately the prettiest dress I’ve ever seen. I really want it but I have nowhere really to wear it and it’s ridiculously expensive…details, details.

I loved Will Taylor’s first book and am really excited for his new one, out in May! The cover is so fresh, and so him.

I’m a big fan of white jewelry and this Bauble Bar ring is a fun statement piece for spring.

Can’t get my mind off of this Rebecca Taylor blouse – it’s so pretty! But honestly, does it have to cost $350?? Like, really? Here’s hoping it goes on sale!

Serena and Lily have been killing it with their new arrivals, and this desk is no exception. It seems it would fit in any type of decor situation, and yet the pretty detailing keeps it from being your typical boring white desk. It has that summer-y, kind of coastal vibe that Serena and Lily does so well.


  1. Alexis/ThisBeautifulBalance says: April 23, 2016

    I literally JUST saw a dead knock off of that dress in a boutique next to the “cat cafe” here in Phuket! LOL. Only in Asia!

  2. Alexis/ThisBeautifulBalance says: April 23, 2016

    I DO love that dress! I noticed Roxy wearing it on her instagram today!

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