Minnie Mortimer

Books are the absolute best decor, don’t you think? In addition to looking eclectic and colorful, they tell you something about the person who chose them. Two people may have the same lamp, or vase or something, but NO two people are ever going to have the exact same collection of books.

Minnie Mortimer’s bookshelves have been numero uno in my inspiration file ever since I first laid eyes on them. They just kill me. It is my single biggest interior design goal to one day have a home library very similar to this. Whenever I buy another new book that I do NOT need because I already have roughly a million waiting to be read, I think in the back of my mind of these bookshelves, and of how someday I MUST have them, and when that day comes how I better be prepared with books to fill them! And then I am justified in spending more money and accruing more books. Because one day I will have wall to wall, floor to ceiling bookshelves, crammed with books.

And those chairs with the pink cushions would NOT be unwelcome in my library. Just sayin’.

Photos: Matchbook Mag & APT with LSD via Pinterest

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Great room! There is what looks like and Oscar in those bookshelves.

    Published 11.26.11 · Reply
  2. Fantastic bookshelves and you're so right, so utterly unique to each of us.
    I don't know who she is, I'l have to google her – I'm in Scotland.

    Published 11.26.11 · Reply
  3. Oooh Scotland! That's awesome I've always wanted to go there. She's a clothing designer, makes some really nice stuff!

    Published 11.26.11 · Reply
  4. Al wrote:

    Yay Scotland πŸ™‚ You could have come with me.

    Love the shelves (can we do that to my living room??? Seriously!)

    Love her plaid shirt too – tres chic.

    Published 11.27.11 · Reply