Which Inspiration Board Should I Get?


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I’m changing my apartment around a bit (more on that in an upcoming post), and one thing that that means is that I might be able to finally have an inspiration board! Not to be dramatic, but I’ve wanted one ever since I moved into my own apartment (as I wrote about here), and I’m super psyched to maybe finally have a spot to hang one. Ever since I moved to the city I’ve always collected restaurant postcards (they usually give them with the check), inspiring business cards, and other little paper items that I’ve come across, and I have two drawers bursting with things that are just meant to be hung. Every time I would open one of the drawers to look for something I would think what a shame it was that this stuff was just sitting in a drawer…so yay! And it will be so fun to switch around. So! That means it’s time to pick a pinboard – here are a few of my favorite options:


Classic Tack Linen Memory Board – this one is very classic and sophisticated. I love linen, but I’m not sure the nailheads really feel like “me”…maybe a little too preppy?


Vintage Hand-Carved Pinboard – this one I’m considering because I have a lot of modern furniture in my space, and I love mixing in a touch of something baroque like this. It reminds me of this image below that I’ve always been obsessed with:


How good does that look? By the way, I’m also seriously considering a loop chair…feeling more and more obsessed with it, and it’s a forever piece.


Antiqued Gilt Wood Pinboard – next option…this one is gilded but much more simple. I like that it still has that vintage-y feel, but it’s a little more low-key. A touch of metallic never hurts either!


Linen Pinboard – here’s one that’s linen but minus the nailheads, which feels more like me. I feel like the nailheads might just seem really busy along with all the other stuff that’s going to be hung on it. But, there’s also size and shape to consider – need to whip out my measuring tape! Also really like the color of this one though.


Burlap Message Board – I like that the nailheads are more spread out on this one, but not sure if the shape is right (too narrow perhaps).



Little peek of what I’ll be hanging :).

Anyway, another option might be to get four small ones and put them together in a grid, to make a particular size. Have any of you guys done that? Which is your favorite? Or have you seen any better ones out there? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Monica says: October 10, 2016

    My vote is for the linen PB one (that’s what I’m getting when I have space for one) or the gilt wood one! I researched these a lot when I was going to try and squeeze one in (didn’t happen) and there’s a few good ones on Etsy – look at Pavnoval Interiors. At the time when I looked, the negative reviews sort of turned me off (especially for the price) but something to check out!

  2. Kerry says: October 10, 2016

    Hmmm…Tough question. I am particularly drawn to the white vintage hard-carved pinboard and metallic antiqued gilt wood pinboad. In your case, maybe the gilt wood one for the pop of metallic in your apartment

  3. Diana Pearl says: October 10, 2016

    I really love the carved wood one! So beautiful.

  4. Kayla says: October 10, 2016

    I love all of these so much! I think you should go for the Vintage Hand-Carved or the Antiqued Gilt Wood Pinboard. I was thinking of getting one and making sort of a to do list out of it. I would hang it long ways with the days of the week across it, and line it with ribbon to divide the days. Then I could use post-its or index cards to write on, and pin it under the day of the week I want. I got the idea from this photo at http://theeverygirl.com/have-you-experienced-this-late-20s-social-change.

  5. Ali says: October 10, 2016

    The vintage one w. the wallpaper or whatever it is is beautiful, and then of course I LOVE the white stud one. Should I get that one? I have some stuff I’d like to hang. thoughts?

  6. Krystal // The Krystal Diaries says: October 10, 2016

    The Classic Tack Linen one is my favorite. I love the nail heads. Plus it’s simple so what ever you pin up on it will really stand out!

  7. Maria Fernanda says: October 11, 2016

    love the linen ones. they are the most simple ones and the ones that I think can transition the easiest with your future design choices. 🙂

  8. Jessie says: October 15, 2016

    I have the PB Linen Pinboard (hanging vertically) and highly recommend! It’s a nice size (I have the large version) and easy to “redecorate” when inspiration strikes. (Another recommendation: I use map tacks from Etsy as thumbtacks.)

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